trade and civilian outpost

From the Mail:Hi this is my first map it has a redame, screenshots and the map files my readme contains introduction, instructions fo...


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From the Mail:

Hi this is my first map it has a redame, screenshots and the map files my readme contains introduction, instructions for installation, legal stuff, history, description and contact. its all in a .rar file and is all there i have followed the instructions on what to do for submitting so it should be fine (hopefully)oh and the map works on both DOW and WA so it does not matter which game it goes under, it should obviously be placed in the map section.please email me if i have left anything important out here is my email adress, nick_williams 709 @

Well, this seems a fairly basic two player map, based within a city. One of the things I do like however are the statues, almost gives you a feel for a "Hall or Warriors". Nice job!


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Download 'thq.rar' (3.23MB)

Ok this is my first map hense the name my map 1 (sorry about the name it wouldnt let me change it =D) anyhoo please tell me if there are things that are wrong or could be impro

The small map is a 2 man map with 2 relics and 2 critical locatons, it also has  12 ordinary points. it is an open urban map good for all races, it looks to be  quite good for takle and hold victory.

This small outpostis located on a small barren world that the almighty imperium has taken and using it for there advantage... until a mass of orks found out about their outpost and planet
that was rich of recources, and so thy attacked. it turned into a masacre as the orks attacked this small outpost. the imperial guard did all thy couldto stop them but there was too many.
the day seemed hopless as the mob of orks moved further into the small outpost. but there was light at the end of the tunnel, An imperial fleet was on a patrol near by and had received
the destress signal they replied imediatly. an hour later their massive fleet conating thousands of space marines landed and slaughtered all the orks that were left. the imperium then decided 
to leave the outpost and return after a few years had pass, just to make the enemy think they had abandoned their outpost. But the spacemarines wil eturn and destroy who ever possess their small outpost
no matter who the enemy is....

ok all you need to do is open the w40k file in the rar folder then keep going untill you get to the folder called MP open this and copy the files into this directory or similar : C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War\W40k\Data\Scenarios\MP
if you do not have a scenarios foldeer simply extract the scenaio folder instead of going all the way to the MP folder.

i do not really mind if you use this map but you must NEVER !!!!!! call it your map ¬.¬ or ill come down on you like a ton of bricks !
and please contact me if you would like to place one of my maps int your mods or map packs etc. 

made by : SilverLegion
p.s i hope you all like it 

contact me at [email protected]

By The Way
the map should really be called this ----> " trade and civilian outpost"

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