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I assume this is already known throughout the community, however from the one and only screenshot, i can tell some people are going to like...


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I assume this is already known throughout the community, however from the one and only screenshot, i can tell some people are going to like this (especially if they are what i think they are, that being Chaos Terminators) ;)


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Download 'ts_plus_mod.zip' (2.08MB)

TS_Plus_Mod v. 1.2 (beta - work in progress)
by: VoydAngel

1. Run the 7-zip self extracting file, when prompted, tell it to extract directly to your root Dawn of War directory.
Example = "C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War"
2. Open DOW, slect game manager, and activate "TS_Plus_Mod"
3. Click yes to restart DOW
4. Play

To Uninstall:
1. De-Activate the TS_Plus_Mod using the ingame DOW game manager.
2. Open your DOW root directory.
3. Delete the file "TS_Plus_Mod.module"
4. Delete the folder "TS_Plus_Mod"

These files (hereafter referred to as "this mod") may not be redistributed on CD or DVD commercially, or resold. However, this mod may be distributed freely so long as the recipients are aware that this is a work in progress and they can download the latest updated version from an authorized distro site. IE: Dawn of War Files.com    This mod may NOT be "plugged into" another mod without my express permission, and credit due.

List of Changes:

Wayyy too many to list. Although when I get time, I will try to make an actual list. Trust me when I say I think you'll like the balance. Pretty Much every race has has some tweaks to it, all were made more poweful, although SM had more nerfs than powe-ups, I think youll find things surprisingly even now. Of course if you have any suggestions, or find any balance issues that I overlooked, or you feel are worth mentioning to me, please email me at: "voydangel AT hotmail DOT com"

BTW: when I say hard capped, I mean you can only have that many units fielded at one time. If they die you can build more.


- Orks no longer use Ork Population cap for number of Orks available.
- Orks still use Ork pop to determine Tech Level, each Waaagh Banner count as 10 Ork pop. Period.
- Ork Units now use Squad Cap just like other races.
- Orks can NOT see their current or max Squad cap. This is because orks dont generally take roll call.
  "Send more Boys!"  "We aint got no more boys!"  "AAArrggg!!! Run!"
- Ork Docs now are availbale without an Ork Fort, but now require a pop of 60. (6 Waagh banners)
- Ork Waagh Banners now heal friendly troops in a small area (much like eldar healing warp gate upgrade), this only becomes active at 50 Ork pop.
- You may now only have 3 Docs, 4 Storm Boys, 3 Nob Squads. These units have been hard capped.
- Looted LRs dont require Armor upgrade to produce. (but they need it to live long anyway, so get it)
- Squiggoth is actually worth building now. (+45% HP = 15000 HP after Extra Armor Research)
- Waagh banners actually help you recruit more orks faster now!!!! They increase the build/production speed of units, vehicles, and research for the following buildings: Boys Hut, Pile O Guns & Mek Shop. They are cumulative, so the more you build the faster everything pops out.

- Build time increased for Dreadnaughts and HF Dreadnaughts.
- Assault Terminator Thunder Hammer has been nerfed.
- Quit whining, SM are still very powerful, almost too powerful.
- Slightly reduced Accuracy of Whirwinds, although they still seem to hit all the time (bug?)
- Reduced number of heavy weapons upgrades available to Tac SM Squads down by 1 to 4
- You may now only have 3 Whirlwinds, 2 Terminator Squads, 2 Assault Terminator Squads, and 4 Assault Marine Squads. These units have been hard capped.
- Keep whining and I'll nerf more!

- Added new unit for variety: Plague Marines (Many thanks to Medes for supplying the model)
- Plague marines are a morale NOT friendly unit. They dont do much damage ranged, and do worse in CC. but they can break an enemy squad faster than you can say: "Bring out your dead!" "Im not dead!" "Shut up"
- Fixed Obliterator weapons. They will now use Autocannons for infantry, Lascannons for building and vehicles, and Plasma for commanders and monster types. Damages have been adjusted accordingly so that this new corrected weapon usage doesnt nerf them.
- Obliterators no longer require a relic.
- you may now only have 3 Obliterator squads, 3 Possessed Space Marine Squads, and 4 Raptor squads. These units have been hard capped.
- Cultists now reinforce a little faster when in combat.
- Horrors are slightly harder to kill.
- Brought PSM damage down to a slightly more reasonable level.

- Mobilize for War now does what the name implies. When this research is completed ALL Eldar units (both infantry and vehicles - but not bonesingers) will recieve a 33% increase in speed. This stacks with Fleet of Foot. (for a total increase of 200% while FoF is activeated.)
- Reduced research time for most aspect stones for both infantry and vehicles.
- Reduced Annihilate the Enemy research time.
- Increased Avatar build time accordingly.
- Reduced research time for Mobilize for War.
- You may only have 3 warp spiders, and up to 5 Fire Prisms. Yup, you guessed it, hard capped.

- Reduced research times for most vehicles.
- Slightly reduced vehicle build times too.
- Increased Squad entity cap for guardsman squads by 2. Now you can have a squad of 11 w/out a sergeant, 12 with one, and 13 with a Priest/Commisar/Psyker.
- Slightly reduced Guardsman HP to compensate.
- Tier 2 now gives Kasrkin and Ogryn a 12.5% bonus to damage, a 12.5% bonus to morale recovery, and doubles their HP regen rate.
- Tier 2 now gives Guardsman a 20% damage increase.
- You can only have 3 Kasrkin, and 3 Ogryn. These units have been hard capped.

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