Valaans Hold

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This formidable fortress was erected in tribute to the great Inquisitor Valaan. The temple mount forms the shape of his legendary Mace.

This is 4 player fortress defense map. Each player has a tunnel down to their lower keep and one up to the top. The map is designed for Fixed Position Play FFA. You must play fixed positions or your enemy may have access to your tunnels instead of you! There are two versions of this map for FFA play or 2vs2. On the FFA version the tunnels to each base will only work for that player. On the 2vs2 version the tunnels can be used by the player and their ally.




Dawn Of War: Winter Assault Map
Map Name1: Valaans Hold 2vs2
Map Name2: Valaans Hold FFA
Version 2.3
Size: 512x512
Players: 4 
Terrain: Fortress
Author: Etherdragn
SCAR Scripts by: Ruosteinen

Strategic Point Flags: 22
Relics: 4
Slag Deposits: 4
Strategic Objectives: 3




Installation Notes

unzip the files and paste them in your Dawn of War directory C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War\WXP\Data\Scenarios\MP. 
If the directory structure doesn't exist, create it.

This map CAN be played with Vanilla DOW. However, the tunnels will not work unfortunately.


Version Notes:
Changed atmosphere.
Changed Textures to ensure DOW Vanilla Compatibility (graphics wise at least)
Fixed SCAR code for 2vs2 tunnel access.


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