Volistad Winter Edition



Here we have a moderatly well layed out map. I like how this map looks, and feels. So if you do too, then go give it a download! :)




Volistad winter edition for dow
by: Wasturr

The basic concept behind this map was to create a one on one map that eliminates the "spitting distance feel"
(valley of khorne anyone!!??)  w/out stretching ones forces if you are like me who's constantly  frustrated
by playing 8vs8 maps on only one opponent and setting the starting locations to random.. Then praying 
that you and your opponent don't start side by side then reloading(add nauseum) 
when it actually happen's then this maps for you!!.
Okay first things first  why winter edition ?? because there is a version that isn't okay!!. I know this map isn't symmetrical that is because it was't intented to be  player 1 starting position is for compact armies
(i.e space marines, chaos ) and number two position is for sprawler races like orks and eldar. the streets are literraly deadly.  negative cover for thos roadways
near occupiable building so ambush heaven for the more tactical player and rooftops are accesible w/out the benefit of teleportation so enjoy!!!
I know this map is also good for 2vs2 so if there is a loud enough outcry I might make a version of it. Btw  this maps only works on dow.version 1.40 and above.


to install, Copy and paste Folder



C:\ Program Files\THQ\Dawn of war\W40k

if these files arent here just simply make them get the 
spelling right though the game is fussy.


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