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The Mod uses the Full-scale units routine that have been used in previous mods and includes many new units and types to enhance your playing...


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The Mod uses the Full-scale units routine that have been used in previous mods and includes many new units and types to enhance your playing of Winter Assault.

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Download 'winter20assault20battleground.zip' (51.75MB)

            *          WINTER ASSAULT BATTLEGROUND       *


---------This mod requires that Winter Assault be installed on your Computer----------------

The Mod uses the Full-scale units routine that have been used in previous mods and includes
many new units and types to enhance your playing of Winter Assault.

***To install simply unzip the W.A.B. file to your desktop----you will see a data folder.
Place the data folder into your Thq\Dawn of War\wxp folder -----thats it--run your winter assault
game and play as normal---all new units and routines are "In Game"

Note::: there should be no data folder in the wxp folder--BEFORE you put this one in.

To stop using the mod--simply remove the data folder and keep somewhere else--Everything is
back to normal-------THERE IS NO NEED TO USE THE MOD MANAGER----simply put the data folder
in or out of the wxp Folder--it is as simple as that.

Notes on release::::::

There Are versions of this mod in 1.2,1.3,1.4----All of which resulted in Winter Assault
Battleground----1.3 was the most extensive-------This one is a Smaller version of 1.3.

The IG units are as Winter Assault provided----Although they act differently due to the new Ai
new race units and Build orders.

The space Marines now include the new units
1:: Veterans--White helm and custom icons--with custom sgt
2:: Devastors---Blue helmets with custom icons--with custom Sgt
3::Tactical squads---with custom icons and Custom sgt with Red Helmet
5::Chapter master along with Force_commander and the chaplain
6:: Venerable Dreadnought along with standard Dreadnoughts
7:: Dedicated Fast Attack Hq including Tornados and Typhoons
8::Dedicated Annihilators and Destructors
9::New equipment and weapons

The Chaos marines now include the new units
1::Minor Devils attached to Heretic units
2::The darkone Major devil from earlier games
3::Havoc marines
4::Chaos Dreadnoughts
5::Teleporting Khorne berserkers
6.New weapons and equipment

The Orks now include the new units

1::Gruntz---better basic orks
2::Bonehand-charcter fig.
3::Grotzboys--fast moving gretchin fighters
4::Killa can and Huge Bigga Kan dreadnoughts
5::New weapons and equipment

The Eldar now include the new units

1::Kal-Toneth--character fig
2::Eldar sniper
3::Heavy support aspect teams with dedicated support platforms
4::Deadly swordwind teams able to teleport into your rear areas causing mayhem
5::We Had the Wraithguard but had to remove due to compatibility probs with WA
6::New weapons and equipment

Lots of smaller enhancements to help you enjoy the game

Neither myself or Krass (There are only the two of us working on these mods) have "Good coding
abilities nor are we great texture artists----we do our best) so if the Tex or icons dont look
"Polished"then i have no excuses----My interest is in Good gameplay---and we both believe
we have achieved that

The Ai will construct all the new units for Allies and Enemies alike--resulting in some VERY
HARD battles--You never know what is coming out of the fog Next!!

1.Easy== Nothing done--Figs just stand around--This is for those who wish "To build units to see
what is in game
2.Standard== Mostly infnatry battles but hard games--Mech stuff comes later in game
3.Hard==The main game--Very hard indeed--with all kinds of combination troops been made and
tactics been employed.
4.Harder and insane==totally unpredictable games--with less or more troops been made

Note++++ Human players *MUST*build the sentry for Sms and Chaos sms--to free off building spots
do this as soon as possible they are designed to protect your hq----Allies and Enemies
build their own--The Eldar have a Plasma shield--you will know when you hit it--Orks have improved
fire power from their HQ.

Also please note we were unable to create a new Racebps folder so your army painter is WA
Standard inf and vehicle----This should not create too much trouble as the tex in this game for special
units is fixed with main body team colourable apart from thr Venerable dread which uses the
weapon colour for main torso--------We will include a army painter in the next Mini addon
mod (Dogs of War)

I hope that you enjoy this mod--It was made for singleplay experience---But i dont see any
problem in multiplay as long as you both have the same mod in the same place.

Any problems or querries you can find myself or Krass on the relic forums under Fullscale Mod.

We will be happy to help

We hope to add on 2 new Races as small mini mods (Already half finished) if this proves


I would like to thank IBBoard and his original skins(Which i changed beyond recognition)
and his excellent site Hive terra which i would advise anyone to visit,also Xen for his
Chapter master skin--and all the other modders out there who help and inspire.I also used
many parts of files and tga banners again altered to fit--If i miss anyone out I apologise now--drop me a line
and i will see you are mentioned--But 90 percent of this mod is our own work,
We have no objection to modders using any of our material(If they Want) in the hope of
forwarding more Games for DOW our favourite---Thanks

*******This mod is not connected to or in anyway associated with Games workshop***********

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