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Wrath of Chaos - Alliance WA is a mod for Dawn of War - Winter Assault which lets you play as, or against, Deathguard & Iron Warriors as fully playable races.




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Download the latest release:

email: DanimatorATdowdomainsDOTcoDOTuk

Please check for updates.


Wrath of Chaos - Alliance WA is a mod for Dawn of War - w40kWA which lets you play as, or against, Deathguard & Iron Warriors as fully playable races.


This is a public beta version of our mod which is essentially the coding framework for the work ahead. The next stage is to get as
many of the current placeholder models replaced with original Deathguard models as possible. Many of these are well underway but we
still need modellers, riggers & especially animators.

Updates are planned which will contain new models to drop into our mod as they are finished plus the latest complete build will always
be available from our website...see above.

Please give feedback on this release either on our forums or on the Deathguard thread on Relic Forums.


Requirements: Dawn of War - w40k, Winter Assault, Death_Guard_Mod_WA & Iron_Warriors_Mod_WA (all installed in the Dawn of War directory)

Installation: No fancy installers here, just put the main mod folder and the module file in your Dawn of War folder.
Uninstall: Delete main mod folder and module file. No others Mods are harmed when installing/uninstalling our mods ;)


Dawn of War Downloads > Mods > Full Race:
Wrath_of_Chaos_Alliance_Mod_WA (0.1)
Filename: alliance_WA_0.1.rar

Size: 4.23 MB
Version: 0.1
Developer: Wrath of Chaos Mod team
Date Released: 23-06-2006
Type / Category:Mods > Full Race


Mod Team

Coding: Grimnar42

AI: Deathguard & Iron Warriors added to AI by Danimator.
Based on the Skirmish 1.5 AI build by Thudmeizer and his team.

See Iron Warriors and Deathguard readme's for full details.


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