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Published by Hfx-Rebel 16 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Tranj released this early peek, as he says, it is not final, so don't count on anything yet. This is just to let us know what is being proposed. The post had to be cleaned up a bit due to the loss of formatting. [u]Dawn of War: 1.5 Pending Change List[/u]: [b][i]THESE CHANGES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE!!!![/i][/b] General Changes Hotkey for Grenade Launchers changed from "G" to "L" to avoid conflict with the Attack Ground hotkey Tier One Buff Increased hit points and attack of all tier one units by 25%. Upgrades now give less bonus to tier one units Turrets are 25% cheaper Space Marines Reduced the larger healing aura of the Chaplain and Apothecary from 4 to 2. Land Speeder Reduced the cost of the Land Speeder (150 Requisition / 130 Power / 2 Population) to (100 Requisition / 80 Power / 1 Population) Land Speeder Assault Cannon Weapon: Increased damage against Infantry Medium from 36.3 to 40% Increased damage against Infantry Heavy Medium from 19.6 to 25% Infantry high from 25 to 30% Infantry Heavy High from 9.6% to 25% Scouts Decreased Scout Hit Points from 250 to 230 Decreased reload time of Sniper Rifle from 12 seconds to 9 seconds Increased damage of Sniper Rifle against Infantry Heavy High targets from 50% to 75% Monster Medium from 60% to 75% Tactical Space Marines Increased Space Marine Hit Points from 300 to 325 Increased Missile Launcher damage against Vehicle Medium targets from 38% to 50% Reduced effectiveness of Melta Bombs against Building High targets from 75% to 50% Increased the cost of the Whirlwind from (145 Requisition / 260 Power) to (190 Requisition / 300 Power) Reduced the frequency of the stun effect on the Assault Terminator Thunder Hammer Reduced the reload time of the Assault Sergeant and Sergeant Power Fist from 2 seconds to 1 second. Reduced the damage the Sergeant Power Sword does to Vehicle armor Assault Marines Reduced the health of Assault Marines from 400 to 375 Reduced the damage Assault Marines do to Vehicle and Building armor Reduced the amount of damage Hellfire Dreadnoughts do to Vehicle Low armor Enemy players can no longer see the Orbital Bombardment targeting cursor Orbital Bombardment does less damage to HQs Sergeant Power Sword damage vs. buildings and vehicles reduced Reduced Whirlwind hit points from 5,000 to 2,500. Chaos: Raptors now have the Flame Thrower heavy weapon upgrade. This flame thrower is considerably more powerful than the flame thrower in Dawn of War. Chaos Heavy Weapons research has been restored. This ability now: Increases the number of Heavy Bolters a Chaos Marine squad can equip from 2 to 4 Increases the number of heavy weapons a Cultist squad can equip from 3 to 5 Increases the number of flamers that a Raptor squad can equip from 2 to 4 Chaos has a new research known as Purge the Weak. This research: Doubles the health of Aspiring Champions and Raptor Champions Changes the armor type of Champions from Heavy Medium to Heavy High Bestows the Fear Aura ability on Champions Aspiring Champions now have a new ability known as Fear Aura. This ability: Increases the health of all members by 100 hit points Aspiring Champions and Raptor Champions now only increase squad cap by 1 (down from 2) Made the following changes to Furious Charge research: Increased Chaos Marine and Cultist melee damage bonus from 15% to 25%. Implemented movement speed bonus of 20% for Cultists, Chaos Marines, Raptors and all Champions. Furious Charge moved to Tier 2. Increased population cost of Khorne Berserkers from 2 to 4 Aspiring Champion Increased cost of the Aspiring Champion from (55 req / 0 power) to (65 req / 0 power) Increased the build time from 15 seconds to 20 seconds Increased the cost of Chaos Plasma Pistol research from (50 Requisition / 20 Power) to (50 Requisition / 30 Power) Reduced the damage the Chaos Sorcerer Plasma Pistol does to Building Low by 50% Reduce the chaos Sorcerer's melee damage to building low by 20% Reduced the damage the Chaos Lord Plasma Pistol does to: Vehicle Low by 35% Monster Medium by 35% Building Low by 50% Adjusted the damage on the Aspiring Champion Plasma Pistol as follows: Increased the damage to Heavy High to be in line with other plasma weapons Reduced the damage to Monster Medium by 35% Reduced the damage to Building Low by 50% Increased the amount of damage that Chaos Horrors do to the following armor types: Increased the damage to Building Medium by 20% Increased the damage to Building Low by 50% Raptor jumps now cost 2/3 of their maximum charge (rather than 1/2) Added a movement penalty to the Obliterator's assault cannon Increased the cost of the Chaos Sorcerer to 150 requisition 75 power Increased the cost of the Chaos Sorcerer to 40 seconds (up from 20) Increased the hitpoints of the Chaos Sorcerer to 1000 (up from 800) Corruption now does a minimum of 5 damage every second Removed the damage penalty from Daemon Strength Reduced the reload time of the Aspiring Champion and Raptor Champion Power Fist to 1 second (down from 2) Increased cost of Furious Charge from (50 req / 25 power) to (50 req / 60 power) Orks Stormboys Reduced the population requirement for Stormboyz from 40 to 30 Reduced the amount of damage Stormboyz do to Vehicle Low Reduce Stormboy melee damage vs. building low by 10% Speed Boost now a research at the boyz hut for 50/50 30 seconds, requiring Pile O' Gunz and 30 pop. Stormboyz can once again use stikkbombs Slugga Boy Reduced the build time of the Slugga Boy from 5 seconds to 4, reinforce time remains the same Dramatically reduced the amount of damage the Mega Armored Nob Power Claw does to Vehicle High armor Increased the damage of the Mek Boy's Mega Blaster Mega-Armored Nobz and the Mek Boy should not break morale so easily now Increased the accuracy of the Killa Kanz' big shoota Increased the Zzap Gun's damage against most armor types Decreased the damage of the Squiggoth's big shootas against vehicle and building armor Tankbusta Tankbusta damage against Vehicle Low and Vehicle Medium increased by 15% Tankbusta cost reduced to 50 requisition 10 power Tankbusta hit points increased to 500 Tankbustaz now come with a minimum squad number of 3 and a maximum squad number of 5 Shoota boyz build time increased from 5.5 seconds to 6.5 seconds Eldar Made the following changes to Rangers: Rangers now have a squad cap limit of 1 Rangers now start with 5 squad members Ranger build cost and reinforce cost has been reduced to 40 Requisition Ranger Long Rifle now scales more dramatically with upgrades Banshee Morale Armor reduced to be in line with other units The Vyper Missile Launcher now has a knockdown effect that can be used to disrupt enemy infantry The Missile launcher is now the Vyper's default weapon. Reapers Accuracy penalty while moving increased Reduced hit points from 400 to 360 Increased the accuracy of the Eldar LP 2 Brightlance from 0.7 to 1.0 The Falcon Grav Tank Starcannon now does more damage to light infantry Fire Prism support cap increased from 3 to 4 Reduced Psychic Storm damage to: Infantry Medium: 90 to 75 Commander: 100 to 80 Reduced Wraithlord Brightlance damage by 25% against vehicles and buildings. Imperial Guard Guardsmen Reduced armor from 120 to 100 Increased hit points to compensate for armor reduction Increased build time from 4 seconds to 5 seconds Added a 1 second setup time to the Guardsmen Grenade Launcher Added a 20% Accuracy Penalty while moving to the Guardsmen Lasgun Decreased Plasma Gun damage versus Building Low targets from 35 to 25 Increased build time of Infantry Command structure from 30 seconds to 36 seconds Uncommon Valor research now adds 100 hitpoints to each member of the Command Squad Psyker's now have a new ability known as Curse of the Machine Spirits. This ability: Changes the target vehicle's armor from vehicle armor to infantry armor for the duration of the ability Shuts off the vehicle's weapons for the duration of the ability Increased the hit points of the Psyker from 200 to 300 Increased the hit points of the Command Squad Psyker from 100 to 200 Reduced the cost of the Telepathica Temple from (100 Requisition / 30 Power) to (75 Requisition / 20 Power) Reduced the build time of the Vindicare Temple addon from 20 seconds to 15 seconds Commissar now adds 200 morale to a squad rather than making a squad immune to morale damage Reduced the frequency of the Priest's synch kills Increased the damage of the Assassin's Exitus Rifle Increased the cost of Weapon Specialization to 100 requisition 100 power, and increased the research time to 45 seconds (up from 30). Gave the following weapons a minimum damage of 1: Priest Chainsword Priest Eviscerator Assassin Exitus Pistol Guardsmen and Kasrkin Knife Enginseer Axe Imperial General Power Gauntlet Psyker Spike Weapon Specialization now effects the Kasrkin Grenade Launcher and the Kasrkin Plasma Gun Fixed a bug that would cause the hellhound to do perpetual damage to units even when no longer attacking that unit Basilisk Fixed a bug that was causing the Basilisk not to fire at units within its maximum range Increased Basilisk reload time from 4 to 6 seconds.
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