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I have posted a little list of the many reviews that have been released around the gaming community. Dawn of war really has got some excallent scores here. Most of the reviews have a high score of about 8/10. Thats good news for fans and it means other people that have not got the game yet should go out and get it, right? Jolt - 8.7/10 Different types of squad can be ordered depending on which buildings you’ve got, but each squad can be customised to a certain extent once enough research has been carried out. For example, leader units or medics can be attached to units, and a limited number of special weapons can be given to each squad. This latter ability means you can basically design your own fire teams to specialise in particular tasks, such as a sniper unit, or a melee unit with their own captain. This succeeds in making you think a little more about your mix of units instead of just simply ordering a few squads of each type, and allows you to keep your existing squads up to date as new research is completed, although admittedly some of the subtlety is lost when you inevitably come to just bunch all your units together and send them on a rampage. WorthPlaying - 9.5/10 The basis of Dawn of War is just like that of Warhammer: 40,000: the squad. 40K armies are built around squads that you can tailor with wargear, characters and psychic abilities. Dawn of War allows the same manner of customization to your squads and each time to requisition a squad you get a group of troopers who maintain squad coherency (a major rule to the table-top game) as they maneuver and you can upgrade them with a Veteran Sergeant, plasma guns, flamers, heavy bolters, power-swords, power-fists and attach independent characters to lead a squad. You can do all of these things to your table-top army as well. Meanwhile, Dawn of War streamlines this whole process and limits you to whatever amount of requisition and power points you have accrued through the battle. 1Up - 9/10 The amount of background detail in jungles and bombed-out cities is amazing, lending a realistic feeling of scale and variance in height, while the characters come to life with detailed models and even more detailed animation. Foot troops mix it up with many different attack and kill animations, while bigger vehicles and units have sharp weapon effects and some downright gruesome kill animations. Space Marine Dreadnoughts, Eldar Avatars and the Chaos Bloodthirster can actually grab opposing infantry and do appalling things with them, leaving splattery blood and cracked ground decals where their feet pass. PC IGN - 8.8/10 The Warhammer 40,000 universe is an incredibly rich one. As they say, in the distant future, there is only war. And the war in the distant future is the unforgiving, brutal, no-nonsense kind of war with uncompromising soldiers leading the charge. All of the races in the galaxy want to slaughter each other... badly. Through thousands of years humans have become one with their violence, adopting a kill or be killed mentality when dealing with these alien races. But along the way, they've also adopted a kind of religion and spirituality that is neither fluffy nor particularly comforting. Their undying Emperor and his theocracy is the centerpiece of a human life washed in blood and order. To protect this mighty Imperium millions of men and women carry weapons as part of the Imperial Guard. On top of that, clans of battle hardened and enhanced soldiers known as Space Marines float through the galaxy bringing war against the enemies of humanity. Each chapter of the Space Marines gives complete allegiance to the Emperor. FileFront - 4/5 At first glance, Dawn of War looks like some kind of bastard child of Starcraft and Warcraft 3. The graphics reminded me of the Warcraft 3 graphics engine, whereas the game’s setting and some of its characters bear an uncanny resemblance to some of Starcraft’s, as the Space Marines and Eldar look eerily similar to the Terran and Protoss, respectively, in Starcraft. This is by no means a bad thing, it’s just kind of eerie to be playing it, and have a sudden flashback to Starcraft and Warcraft 3. HomeLan Fed - 89% Part of the reason the game is entertaining is Games Workshop’s long running wargame franchise, which mixes sci-fi action with fantasy elements in a super brutal game setting. The human Space Marines are at the center of both the franchise and Dawn of War, where we learn that even though the humans are ruled by a theocratic government that doesn’t mean having religion means you can’t shoot up lots of aliens. Games Domain - 8/10 All forces are available for multiplayer and skirmish games, but the 12-mission single-player campaign revolves around the trials of the Space Marines. In the same spirit as the solo campaign in StarCraft, the Marines are brought into overarching conflict with the Orks, which leads to difficulties with the Eldar, who are on the scene for their own reasons... which just happens to involve Chaos... you get the idea.
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