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Over at the Official DOW Forums, Cowboy from Relic has posted a message to the people that are complaining about the new patch. Here's what he had to say: [quote]Hiya from Relic… I'm just writing a note to everyone because the reaction we're seeing to patch 1.2 isn't exactly what we had hoped it would be, and it means a lot to us that you guys are happy. Thanks to all those who have been defending and supporting us, particularly the admin guys, and to everyone else, hopefully this will shed some light on your questions and concerns... We actually did have bigger plans for patch 1.2, including some big changes to NAT traversal and direct connect, which I think would have pleased a lot of you. Unfortunately, these things are really tricky to diagnose, and when we got our fixes into QA we discovered some new bugs that weren't obvious in our dev testing. So we had to make a choice between delaying the patch, and cutting those things out. Since we had a number of other fixes, plus the new maps, we decided to release the smaller patch to give you something new to enjoy over Christmas. Was it the best choice? I still think so. It's hard to judge whether we might be able to fix those other bugs in a month, or whether it will be longer. Since we are always torn between taking time away from our other efforts, it felt like it would be better to send it out, and make the most of the things that were already ready. The reality is, making a patch isn't like pressing a button. Every time we change one thing we risk breaking something that already works. There is also time involved with putting the patch together once we've decided what to fix, and after we've actually made the fixes. When we make balance changes, the game has to be retested extensively to make sure we haven't broken any of the balance that existed before, which is a huge task with 4 races! We also have to go through a full QA cycle to make sure everything still works properly on all versions of the game (keep in mind DoW is an international game and changes have to work on all language versions). So, even 'small' changes require a big investment in time and resources. Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is, we are listening to you, we scan the forums and read your posts and we add all the good suggestions to our bug database so that we can try and address them. Whenever we manage to beg, borrow or steal some people or time to do this stuff, Unfortunately, we have to pick and choose, and hope we get it right! We're definitely trying to think of a better post-launch support strategy for the future, but these things take time, so bear with us! For all those that are already "with us" - thank you!! Happy holidays everyone....Jonathan [/quote] I think it was a good idea to release the patch so we had a little something new to play with over the holidays.
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