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Well guys, ever since Dark Crusade came out there has been arguements over who won the Kronus campaign. Well, Relic revealed that the Blood Ravens became the victor of the Kronus campaign, which meant that Force Commander Davian Thule lived to tell the tale, so....It's been announced that he will again lead the Blood Ravens in Dawn of War II.

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Over the coming weeks we are going to be introducing you to the squad leaders and characters that you’ll be commanding in the Dawn of War II campaign. We’re starting things off with a familiar face: Davian Thule

Name: Davian Thule

Rank: Captain

Proficiencies: Heavy Weapons, Leadership

“Never forget that your squad looks to you to lead them. Do not let them down.â€

Fans of Dawn of War will likely remember Davian Thule. Thule vaulted to prominence when he slew the Chaos Witch Morgana in the Black Abbey of Vespa and he led the Blood Raven forces that were sent to Planet Kronus during Dawn of War: Dark Crusade. He is a veteran of hard campaigning and still bears the scars of his battle with [img]the Necron Lord of Kronus. Now commander of Space Marine operations in Sub-Sector Aurelia, Davian Thule is charged with protecting the Blood Raven recruiting worlds of Calderis and Typhon.

Thule is a highly respected Blood Raven captain, and is renowned for being fiercely protective of those who serve under him. As a new Blood Ravens Force Commander, you’ll be taking your orders from Captain Thule during your campaign in Dawn of War II.

Check the screenshot section for an artistic drawing of Thule!

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