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Evening people! Well the team and I have been working incredibly hard lately, in an attempt to head towards a base for further coding, and the addition of some new races. Well, I can safely say that this goal has been achieved, I received the beta earlier this week and am now commencing testing and refinement for the two races included; Orks and Imperial Navy. Of course, we won't be releasing a public beta - as we want to make sure it's perfect and that you get the full experience.

Secondly; some race progress. Heres another fleet we have planned, probably one of the ones we have planned which you guys wouldn't of guessed...the Adeptus Mechanicus. Special thanks to Jianaran for his help on the ideas, and here is a brief summary of the way the race will be played:

Introducing the Adeptus Mechanicus.

The thing I had planned for AdMech was to make them less of a combat race, they gain interest by researching. No structures, to suit the idea of an 'explorator fleet' The player would start with an 'Ark Mechanicus', which would then be used to search the map of technology, akin to the soul resource in the manner of it being collected. When enough resources are collected, the player gains access to other ships, which are called off map. To represent this, 'interest' is the second resource, almost like the necron resource. More research you buy, the more interest you gain - and the better ships you get.

Essentially, this will make the Adeptus Mechanicus a completely different faction, exploring and discovering lost technology to level up. Completely unique, I must say.

They only have a few ships, but where they lack in numbers, they pack a massive amount of armour. Players of the Adeptus Mechanicus will have to constantly be moving, and use micromanagement to their advantage, as it'll be a stupid player indeed to attempt to stay put and defend.

- Who the heck is this Heretic? :P - Heretic/Abbadon

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