Cadian Inquisition Mod Review

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Hello all I just got done playing Cadian Inquisition Mod and I just wanna say this is a GREAT game great job on doing this Here is my Review on the Mod The Models and NEW units are great they add a great thrill to the mod that I haven't gotten from any other so far Here is some of the NEW stuff in the Mod New Doctrine (Infiltration, Veteran, Lemanruss Variant) New Models (Kasrkin, Hardened Veteran, Sniper, Sentinel, Chimera) New units (Griffon, Hardened Veteran, Sniper) Improved Models (Building, Firesupport, Platoon) Balance (Air Support vehicle, Doctrine values, Tank, GK, Many wepons) AI now use Doctrine AI bug (Firesupport weapon upgrade, Abilities) Now the one thing I DIDN'T like about this mod was the Doctrine Points if you don't know what that is let me explain Doctrine Points are really just the same thing as Ork Pop except you only get 10 Points and they don't Recharge like Ork pop can and some of the Units you need to HAVE Doctrine Points in order to have access to them. The Veteran Squad costs you 2 Doctrine Points The Sniper Squad costs you 2 Doctrine Points The Airport Command Tower costs you 5 Doctrine Points The Grey Knights cost you 6 Doctrine Points, Also gives you access to the Inquisitor The ParaTrooper Squad costs you 3 Doctrine Points The Artillery which is like the Orbital is given to the Col. will cost you 1 Doctrine Point The Tank support which contains the Leman Russ will cost you 4 Doctrine Points sorry if I forgot anything else I would like to thank the following people for making this mod Mod Coordinator/PR(ish) - Colonel Lead Coder - Meppa Coder/Webdesign/AI Coder - Ultdrake Coder - Chopsuey 3d Artist/ 3d Animator/ Concept Art - Mockier 3d Artist/ 3d Animator/ Voice Actor - CMRVSUK Voice Actor - Luug 3d Artist - IronFist - TheWhiteRider 2d Artist/ FX - Schwifty Tester / Concept Artist - Vacant - NihilisticDogma - GhOsT2525 - Dkraver - Question - Muzza - Lassar - Gaz-1 Story and Script Writer - Lanthro_Varda Story Writer - Dark_Furian Also they are looking for people to fill the following jobs Voice Actors Sound Artists FX Artists 3d Artists (ie modellers) Animators Coders Concept Artists Testers Mappers (both campaign and Multiplayer) If you would like to join send a e-mail to [email protected] Also if you would like to vist the site here is a link to it The following screen shots are from their site and were NOT TAKEN BY ME
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