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Published by Tempest 16 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
[b]Moru[/b], the genius who brought us the Emperor model, is now starting work on Horus himself. Although texturing is progressing well, there will be no sneak peaks of that! However, some awesome renders of the Horus model are available, as well as a discription of the hard work [b]Moru[/b] has put into him thus far: [quote]Okay folks - although I said no sneak peaks, texturing is going well and I'm in a good mood, so here is, after all, a sneak peak of the Warmaster himself. No textured shots yet though, as I hate showing a model half textured. It's either fully textured, or the base grey. The idea behind this character was to design him with restraint, and to give him a real weight and solidity, yet supple - to look as though he is quite able to shift all of that bulk rapidly and lethally. Think of a 10 foot tall Mike Tyson, in terms of attacking movement. But I didn't want to simply portray the 'uber chaos dude' that appears so many times in GW artwork - and I especially wanted to avoid the new Smith Horus Heresy title image of him. Although I greatly admire Smith as an artist, (in fact, I would say that he is the premier graphite Sci-Fi artist in the world) I felt completely underwhelmed by this image. Both the Emperor and (especially) Horus are drawn with extremely rigid poses, and the armour is designed with seemingly no understanding of anthropomorphic mechanics. They simply would not be able to fight in that armour. The 'evil' of Horus is also (I feel) over the top. Too many skulls and shrunken heads, too many weird skin-faces. And the big-assed rat (or wolf, or tapier, or whatever the hell it is) is just over the top. I respect Adrian Smith totally, but I am an artist in my own right, with my own vision. My Horus takes its inspiration in part from the earlier pencil image of the Warmaster, but corrects the absurd proportional differences between the head and torso. I wanted the armour to visually recall themes from many objects: the jointed chiton armour of stag beetles, the plating on modern tanks, and of course, medieval armour. I also wanted the Warmaster armour (around the head of Horus) to resemble a throne, a cradle, and a yawning maw. The Throne to represent Horus' royalty as the son and primary heir of the Emperor (and of the Chaos Gods). The Cradle to represent the evolution and eventual emergence of Horus as the new Chaos God - the Deity of Chaos Undivided, a God of Pure Evil that walks amongst the mortals, who taps into the negative power of the Warp as the Emperor draws from the positive. And the Maw, to represent a once great warrior, consumed by his own pride and hubris. Anyway, those were the design processes - just to show you that I didn't just want to create AwesomeKillingYouGuy #344. Having said all that, someone will still, incredibly, post the Horus Heresy Title image in order to 'help' me. Don't worry, the textured Horus will look powerful, regal, full of restrained violence and evil. And yeah - he'll have awesome red eyes... The thing about Horus, my version of the Warmaster, is that alone amongst mankind he is able to use the powers of Chaos without fear of corruption. In my own 'fluff', Horus was created by the Emperor as his heir, with all the special qualities of his brothers, and with one other, unique to him. Horus, alone amongst mankind, is able to reverse the possession process of demons. That is to say, he can possess and control, consume and destroy demons as they can do to us. This was meant primarily as a protective shield for Horus, for the Emperor desperately wished to keep his son safe from the temptations of Chaos. The creatures of the Warp are therefore terrified of Horus, and his seeming subjugation by the Chaos Gods is nothing but a ruse. Once he has defeated the Emperor the power of his spirit will know no bounds. Then he will consume and destroy the four Chaos Gods, and draw them within himself, and arise as the God of Chaos Undivided, alive and present, to rule the galaxy forever.[/quote] Check out the Relic thread [url=""]here.[/url] If you'd like to see the Emperor model (both will be used in the Horus Heresy mod, which tells the tale of the beginning of the Imperium and how Horus betrayed the Emperor and started the Chaos Space Marines) head [url=""]here.[/url]
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