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Published by Sl4sh 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Hey guys,

Although you don't see that many mod updates on this site anymore as it used to like 3 years ago (thanks to tempest who would regularly news post any mod updates), so I thought it would be a good idea to update our very own Dawn Of War Community Mods Page (since it gets a lot of traffic, so updating it was a must!)so people can track down their favorite mods and to expose many new wonderful mod projects that have not even been heard of! If you can, please PM the staff if you wish the section to be updated with even more mods that we've never heard of either!

Now some of you might complain "Well why don't you post such updates on the site!?", my rebuttal is that I barely have enough time to help manage this site as I juggle around file/news uploads, PotD, some Poll of the Week, and importantly comment moderating!

Anyway, I hope this can spread the word of many great mods that have not been heard of, or help people track down their favorite mods again which can help new mods gain more traffic and more fan base that will help them grow - Firestorm Over Kronus is an example!

Also, there is a great Relicnews thread that showcases all the latest projects that are still alive and kicking, to the ones that are long dead and/or forgotten made by the AI modder extraordinaire - Thudmeizer . Here it is!

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