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Published by Sl4sh 13 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Hey guys, With Dawn of War II's multiplayer being handled by Games For Windows LIVE! service, Relic has announced the achievement points that can achieved! Here is a list of them: [quote] Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II Achievements (1000 points): 1. There Is Only War - Terminate 500 Enemy Targets. - 25G 2. Death from Above - Kill 20 enemies using Assault Jump. - 10G 3. Sweeping Advance - Kill an emey who is retreating. - 10G 4. Emperor's Champion - Kill a boss using only your Force Commander. - 10G 5. Lightning Assassin - Kill a boss in less than one minute. - 10G 6. Welcome to Calderis - Complete "Stand With Your Brothers" and "Retake the Hamlet." - 15G 7. Rant All You Will - Complete "The True Enemy." - 30G 8. The Cleansing Begins - Complete "The Defense of Argus Gate." - 30G 9. Astronomical! - Recover the data from the Astronomic Array. - 30G 10. Even In Death I Still Serve - Complete "Into the Hive." - 30G 11. Heroes of Angel Gate - Complete "Secrest of Angel Forge." - 30G 12. Fight to Survive - Complete Campaign on Recruit difficulty. - 40G 13. Hold back the Xenos - Complete Campaign on Sergeant difficulty. - 40G 14. Win the War - Complete Campaign on Captain difficulty. - 40G 15. Allies to the Cause - Complete a mission in co-op mode. - 10G 16. Allies to the Chapter - Complete 15 mission in co-op. - 25G 17. Battle Brothers - Complete the Campaign in Co-op. - 50G 18. Dug In - Successfully defend 5 Strategic Assets. - 10G 19. Massacre - Complete 10 missions in a row without failing. - 10G 20. Not one inch. - Defend a province without losing a single generator. - 10G 21. That's Close Enough - Complete a mission with only ranged weapons. - 10G 22. Rush 'em - Complete a mission under five minutes. - 10G 23. Purge the Xenos - Earn a 5 star Fury rating. - 10G 24. Feel No Pain - Earn a 5 star Resilience rating. - 10G 25. Fleet of Foot - Earn a 5 star Speed rating - 10G 26. The Book of Honor - Get 15 stars on one mission. - 10G 27. Fast Attack - Gain a second deployment in a single day. - 15G 28. Tireless warrior - Gain a third deployment in a single day. - 15G 29. Hero of the Imperium - Attain a Campaign Score of over 30,000 points. Earnable in Single Player and by the host in Co-Op. - 25G 30. Legend - Attain a Campaign Score of over 90,000 points. Earnable in Single Player and by the host in Co-Op. - 25G 31. In the name of the Emperor - Own all Strategic Assets in a Campaign. Earnable only in Single Player and by the host in Co-Op. - 20G 32. Elite - Max out a Combat Discipline on a squad. Earnable in Single Player and by the host in Co-Op. - 10G 33. Heavy Support - Reach Level 20 with one of your Squads. Earnable in Single Player and by the host in Co-Op. - 10G 34. Elite Strike Force - Create a 3 Player Party and Play a Ranked Multiplayer Game together. - 10G 35. Gladiator - Play 10 Ranked Multiplayer Games. - 25G 36. Wisdom of the Ancients - View a recorded game. - 10G 37. Veteran Victor - 100 ranked wins. - 30G 38. Aspect Warrior - 20 online ranked games completed with Eldar. - 20G 39. Angel of Death - 20 online ranked games played with Space Marines. - 20G 40. A proper Waaagh! - 20 online ranked games completed with Orks. - 20G 41. Great Devourer - 20 online ranked games completed with Tyranid. - 20G 42. Hail the Champion - Earn Champion rating 20 times during online ranked play. - 25G 43. Master of the Apothecarion - Revive your teammates 50 times during online ranked play. - 30G 44. Winning rush - Earn a 5 game Win streak during online ranked play. - 20G 45. Flawless victory - Achieve an online ranked victory with 500 victory points remaining. - 20G 46. Red Ones Go Fastah! - Create a Customized look for any race in the Army Painter. - 5G 47. Crush the Enemy - Complete Campaign on Primarch difficulty. - 40G 48. The Warboss - Complete "Raid Against the Warboss." - 30G 49. The Avatar of Khaine - Complete "The Wailing Doom." - 30G[/quote] Also, here is a bit of info for those people who don't know much about the newly featured faction - The Tyranids.[quote] Each Tyranid is a living weapon, perfectly adapted to its designated function, but each creature is no more than a single cell in a galactic entity governed by a monstrous Hive Mind. As the Tyranid hive fleets drift through space they strip all life from the worlds in their path, leaving nothing but scoured rock in their wake… …In the war zones of Warhammer 40,000, the Tyranids are instinctive masters of swarm-tactics and close combat. Frequently appearing by the thousands across untold numbers of world, they always outnumber their opponents, a fact that often guarantees their victory. Each Tyranid is equipped with diamond-hard rending claws, razor-sharp teeth, and a variety of other bio-weapons suited to both close quarters fighting and ranged attacks. What’s even more fearsome are the monstrous creatures striding through a Tyranid swarm like Carnifexes and Hive Tyrants, true behemoths who tower over even the largest of tanks and mechanised units. In total, the Tyranids are a cold and brutal opponent to face. Even the best warriors in the galaxy can only hope to stall the Tyranids’ advance.[/quote] Now, saving the best for last is this: Apparently, players who have purchased a copy of Soulstorm are able to participate in a multiplayer beta for DoW II. Yep you read that right![quote] THQ is pleased to announce that gamers purchasing copies of the recently released Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Soulstorm will be able to participate in an invitation-only multiplayer beta program for Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II set to take place at a future date.[/quote]
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