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Published by sergent_killa 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Hello Everyone,

In light of recent events with Kouen leaving, negative forum threads and comment ban galore i thought the community and my staff needs a "pick me up" moment.

So, here are various quotes from staff members of Filefront and community members that should lift the spirits of staffers and community members.

First, for the Staff:

Your site is being managed beautifully
Your staff are performing flawlessly.
I see no need for the community to insult yourself or your staff members.

Next, for the community:

The majority of the community consist of law abiding members. Its just the few trolls that bring them down as a whole.
Without these "idiots" your site would be one of the most productive places network wide!
If their was no POTD to whine about, I'm sure that DOW Files would be an extremely positive environment for mappers and modders alike!

All of the above come from various e-mails and PM's that I have received over the past month.

Now, more recently, a word to me from the past Site manager, Saoreire!

Nothing has been edited or removed. This is the entire PM the he sent me:

Hey Killa, how's it hangin'

First, let me say how shocked & appalled I was when I came accross this thread in a reference & I then checked it out. Its completely unbelievable & unacceptable!!!! Let me just reiterate my complete support for you & let me state once again that I still have complete faith in your ability & I do realize how much hard work & effort Site Managing is, especially with incompetent Staffers!!!! Hang in there! Do not succumb to the idiotic pressures of the scum of the net who are just trying to incite anarchy on DoWFiles! I know the feeling, just hang in there & rule with an iron fist if necessary. It took me just as much hard work & effort to drag this Site out of the gutter that I got it in from the previous Site Manager who was completely incompetent & it took me nearly two months to complete my PotD Crusade & finally cleanse all the Filth from the PotD. But sadly it looks like all the retards have returned to cause mayhem! Initiate Comment Bans on the PotD for a week after any completely unacceptable behavior & ban anyone who breaks the rules from commenting for a month! Remember, a lot of those same people who give out about you now were probably the same ones giving out about me during my reign. They just have a problem with authority, don't take it personal.

Don't give in!!!! Ignore any false criticism & learn from constructive criticism. No one out there understands just how difficult it is to keep this site together than you & I. Just hang in there! You can publish this message if you think it will help you out & relieve some pressure on you from the community.

I'm sorry that I kinda left you in a rut with my leaving, but you an do it! I know your skill, maturity & ability & I you were my most trusted Staffer in the final months.

Good Luck with improving the standards there. You will unfortunately probably need all the help you can get. Hopefully your new staffers should be competent. Hiring new staff should be well-planned & deep consideration should be given. Check their records & previous comments to judge how law-abiding they are on comments. Staff problems can tear a site apart.

Don't lose faith! Keep up the good work!! You can do it!


Hopefully the majority of the community can feel more at ease when we talk about the negative aspects of the community as a whole.

Further more, the Trolls in the community should have more reason to fear myself and my staffers now that many FF staffers and previous FF staffers have expressed concern.



note: All opinions expressed in the quotations belong to that of their owners and are not endorsed by DOW Files or Filefront

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