DoW II Beta - Technical Issue List

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Published by Sl4sh 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Hey guys,

I've been reading a number of you are having issues with the beta trying to run it or running it.

The list below has a possible fix for them, so go ahead and try them!

This is a list of all known technical issues. This list will be updated regularly so please check back often.

Critical Issues

Issue: Game loads for several seconds but then quits Details: User launches game from Steam but DoW2.exe immediately exits Workaround: Investigating Status: Investigating

Issue: Game requires elevated permissions to run Details: User is asked for elevated permissions when running the game Workaround: Run the game with elevated permissions Status: Issue resolved, fix pending

Issue: Very Low Framerate on Launch Details: Upon launching the game the user will experience extremely low framerates even during the opening movies Workarounds: * Disable VSync * Run in windowed mode * Re-enable the Steam Community overlay in your Steam options if it is disabled Status: Investigating

Issue: Text not displaying properly or displaying as "[]" Details: User runs the game with Steam set to a non-localized region Workaround: * Right-click on the DoW2 beta in your Steam My Games list, select "Language", and set it to English. You may need to re-download a small portion of the game. * See here Status: Issue resolved, fix pending

Issue: xlive.dll not found error Details: User attempts to run the game without the LIVE redistributable properly installed Workaround: 1) Go to Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs -> Uninstall the "Microsoft Games for Windows LIVE Redistributable" if it is installed 2) Download and install the 2.0 LIVE Redistributable from here UPDATE: There is a confirmed problem when LIVE is already installed from a previous title. It is possible to work around the problem by shutting Steam down and restarting it. There may be a delay when you launch the game as the updated LIVE redistributable reinstalls.

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