Gamestop Exclusive Bonuses!

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Published by Sl4sh 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Hey guys,

Here some sweet stuff for ya!

Gamestop is giving out exclusive bonuses to people who pre-order Dawn of War II from them! Here is a list of the bonuses:

Reserve Warhammer 40k Dawn of War II and receive the GameStop exclusive Weapons and War Gear Pack.

Included in the Weapons and War Gear Pack:


* 6 Exclusive Items: * “Cuirass of Azariah†Armor * “Pistol of Baal†Bolt Pistol * “Gauntlet of Blood†Power Fist * “Mantle of the Great Father†Armor * “Fearsome Light of Faith†Plasma Gun * “Laurels of Hadrian†Iron Halo * 2 unique Chapters: “Revilers†and “Angels Sanguine†* 8 exclusive metallic colors to customize your units (Shining Gold, Mithril Silver, Abyss Purple, Insect Green, Iron, Abyss Orange, Brazen Brass, Metallic Blue)

Check it out here:

So...anyone care to pre-order me one?:)

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