Happy New Years - From the DoWfiles staff

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Published by Sl4sh 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Happy New Years everyone!


The end of 2008, marks the beginning of the year 2009. The staff hopes you have a great new years and all of that stuff, and hopes for the best for all of you.

2008 saw some pretty interesting stuff, from wicked awesome map/mod/etc submissions, to some crazy PotD section moments, 2008 was truly an intense year for DoWfiles. With that said, we can also expect some more of same, or even better in 2009! The release of Dawn of War II is looming closer and closer, the release of more and more file submissions, and other stuff we have in store for you will hopefully make 2009 another memorable year.

Anyway, a bit of a staff update from what I know. I just returned from a week vacation from San Fransisco, so that explains my absence, and very few file uploads. The rest of the staff I believe are on vacation, or will be returning shortly. I'll get more info later.

Anyway, cheers guys! :beer:

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