Hardware Stability Issues

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Totmacher from Relic Entertainment is asking for more details to do with people that are experince hardware stability issues. Here's what he said on the official forums: [quote]Hi All, I would like to request some information from forum users who are experiencing HW stability issues. A lot of reports are spread throughout multiple threads -- and I would like a central, clean thread to extract information from. If you: 1) Have one of the following platforms: nForce3 + AMD64 + ATI nForce3 + AMD64 + nVidia nForce2 + AMD XP + ATI nForce2 + AMD XP + nVidia Intel chipset + P4 + ATI 2) Have sent at least 3-5 (or more) crashes to us via the bug-report system. 3) Have tried most, if not all of the forum suggestions to no avail. Then please respond to this thread with the following information *ONLY*: a) Platform combination from #1 (so other users can see that someone of the same platform has replied without digging through the DX Diag). b) DXDiag in CODE TAGS c) A recent warnings.log in CODE TAGS -- preferably from a run where you crashed. d) no other INFO/comments please, let's keep the thread as clean as possible so it's easy to find stuff in a pinch. For now, I only need 5 people of each platform type to post -- I will PM people as/if I need more info after searching the bug DB for your specific crash reports. Thanks in advance for your help! [/quote] Head to the Official DOW Forums to give your information if you are having these problems.
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