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Published by Tempest 16 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Modding guru [b]Palii[/b] sent me this awesome info, and I thought I'd share it with all of you! For those of you familiar with oldschool Nintendo games like 3d World Runner, or perhaps Universal Studio's Terminator 3d, you might remember the technique used to make the images come right out of the screen! Now, thanks to Palii, you can immerse yourself fully into the Dawn of War gameplay! Palii will talk more here about the 3d technique of [b]Anaglyph[/b]. [quote] [] Facts About DOW In Anaglyph PRO - Your eyes will percieve real 3D. The game will break the 2D barrier of your screen. - DOW is much better suited for stereo than other games. - Stereo brings out the best of the models, textures, animations. - It also feels like playing on the top of a table. Tabletop players will love this. - Everything that is annoying in DOW through stereo can be hidden, this increases the experience tenfold. CON - The colours are slightly distorted, thus not fully loyal to the source colours. - It is impossible to play in stereo over a long duration. Switching to stereo only during major battlescenes is recommended. - Prolongued stereo viewing can cause headache. - Don't get addicted to stereo, abuse is not healthy for your eyes. - Watching replays in stereo is easier than playing in stereo. [/quote] If you like where this is going, check out [b][url="http://forums.relicnews.com/showthread.php?t=86644"]his FULL guide here[/url][/b] to making this a reality for you. If you are are still confused as to what this is about, check out the pictures below! I'm sure you'll be saying "Ahhh.... that...." soon enough ;) NOTE! Dawn of War files reps have not actually tested this method. However, from the general opinion of those who have, playing in Stereo producing an amazing experience.
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