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Published by Zahaqiel 13 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Relic have been keeping their multiplayer set up for Dawn of War II carefully under wraps - until now. Yesterday, [url=""]Eurogamer put up an article[/url] based off their experiences of a test-release from Relic and talks with Jonny Ebbert. The test release involved a few brief single-player campaign missions; and you guys already have most of what they covered in single-player observations, [b]but it also featured multiplay.[/b] While I highly recommend you read through the article itself (even if only to hear what the Dawn of War II design team are like when drunk), this is what came out of their multiplay experiences: [list] [*]As we already knew, all four races are playable in multiplayer. [*]After picking your race, you also get to pick a hero to lead your forces into battle. The test-release only featured Space Marines as playable in multiplayer, but the three Space Marine heroes would appear to be the Force Commander (as the combat-heavy hero), the Apothecary (which is unique to multiplayer, allowing you to revive fallen comrades), and the Tech-Marine (also multiplayer unique, useful for constructing defenses and other valuable things). [*]Multiplayer relies on three different kinds of strategic points; Requisition, Power, and Victory (which people who've played Company of Heroes will remember). Resource gathering is an integral part of multiplayer, making it very different from single-player, and much more like the Dawn of War we're all familiar with. [*]Like in single-player, there [i]is[/i] unit progression, but only within the confines of the single game. Heroes can level up to a maximum of level 10, and wargear will become available as you capture more strategic points. [*]Relic also have kept an eye out to the newcomers to the game, with three vs three Team Battle mode which integrates a lot of co-op features and teamwork so that people don't feel intimidated in diving into the multiplayer side of things. [/list] But if you thought that was awesome, this isn't all that's left of the multiplayer features - according to Ebbert, Relic still has a "massive reveal" up their sleeves about multiplayer... So it looks like we'll have to keep waiting for more information. :cool:
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