Jonathan Dowdeswell IRC Interview!

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DOW recently had a chat with Jonathan Dowdeswell, producer for Dawn of War at Relic Entertainment. It appears that this was a IRC chat interview and It must be been private because I didn't hear much about it but maybe it was for the German community. He answers meny questions related to the future of DOW and information on patches etc. Here's a snippet: [quote]19:18] RELICJonathanDo: Well, our main multiplayer designer has already been working on a few balance adjustments. This is for patch 1.5. There will be balance adjustments, of course, depending on what seems to be the most necessary changes. [19:19] RELICJonathanDo: As far as other features, like I said, I'm hoping to have the loading screen feature done, and possibly a few other ease of use things like that. [19:19] *** Ratatosk has joined [19:19] RELICJonathanDo: Patches are sort of funny for us, because we know there is such huge demand for updates from our players, and we'd love to do them way more often, but they are much more difficult than we ever expect. [19:20] RELICJonathanDo: I really admire Blizzard actually for their patching process, their years of experience, and I think a fully dedicated patch team, have made their ability to update things much more efficient. [/quote] I would say they are a great company as well Blizzard, I hope relic join them in releaseing patch after patch for DOW so it hardly has any problems at all! When are you guys going to fix the crash to desktop bug which quite a few users have?
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