Last Chance to play Age of Squats mod!

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Published by Tempest 16 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
Here is your LAST CHANCE... to play the Age of Squats mod. Work has ceased on the mod due to lack of help, but [b]Palii[/b] has decided to open up his private forums for discussion on the now dead, as well as a download of it. Keep in mind, the file is in a very early stage, and some units will be missing textures, or animations. There are two races, and here is what you can expect. [quote]Age of Squat Mod: - Contains two races - 1.41 compatible - Zipped - Requires the objective points mod The mod is heavy alpha! The techtrees are crap, the races are in ruins. But both races contain custom units, with anims, texture, fx. Fun to play. Here are the things you can play around with. [b]Squats[/b] - Visitor: Robot Dreadnought, little melee, fire, flagplant anim, random heads. - 3 Techpriests: Techpriest Apprentice, Techpriest Master, Rogue Techpriest. They fire, move and have a nice idle anim. - Mine Outpost: Make sure you build this building! It has 3 addon levels and a custom build anim! [b]Chaos Squat Empire[/b] - Unicon: Builder drone, melee, special attack, move, idle, jump, die, everything - Multicon: Unicon squad leader, no anims. - Multidron: bigger melee drone, most anims done, lots of random weapons and sync_kill anims. - Note: All drones shut down when they loose morale. They won't move, just drop on the ground. - Slaves: Ork and human slaves, randomized, few anims. - Painforcer: Slave squad leader, no anims. [/quote] The mod should play with [i]Winter Assault 1.41[/i] and requires, as stated above, the Objective Points mod. This file may be tricky to find, but it should come with most completed mods. It is basically a file that gives a generic banner to mod races, so if you have a mod, chances are, you have this file. If not, you can get a standalone version of it [url=""]here![/url] Visit the forums to download the file [url=""]here[/url], you can also talk about the upcoming Elysians mod! Note that you must register to download. Have fun with the mod!
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