More models from Closer to Codex mod!

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Published by Tempest 16 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
The Closer to Codex mod has even more models to show off now! Previously, they featured the Chaos Chosen Terminators, as well as Standard Bearers, but now they are heading over to the forces of light. Below are the Land Speeder Typhoon models, and the Baal Predator, both ingame! Looking amazing! This is one thread everyone should be following closely, and you can reach it [url=""]here.[/url] Also, Medes, one of the people behind this mod, has posted a checklist of what he is hoping to accomplish on the Space Marines. [quote]- Devastator Squad - Landspeeder Typhoon - Command Squad - Baal predator Command Squad Models - Banner Bearer - Company Champion - Veteran Sergeant If i can get them done faster i might even throw in some extra models - Tornado Landspeeder - Radomized Space Marines - Librarian in Terminator Armor - Terminator Captain One last thing very soon i'll release two single models - Helmeted Veteran Sergeants - Helmeted Commanders I'm releasing them seperately coz maybe some people like the old one better. Someones already doing LR Crusader and as for techmarines i just saw the model. kind of complex, i'll give it a shot, no promises though. Same goes for combat sevitors [/quote] I look forward to all of them! If you missed out on the Chaos models, you can still get them [url=""]here[/url], but be warned, it takes some modding skill to get them ingame.
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