More models from 'Closer to Codex' mod up for download!

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Published by Tempest 16 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
The Closer to Codex mod, famous for its slew of models released featuring Games Workshop figures not included in Dawn of War, has a whole load of new models up for download! Some are very new, others have been around for a while, but if you know what to do with them, almost all of these models can be used to easily make your mod a better experience. A full list is as follows, and you need Winter Assault to make them work correctly (and the mod tools). [b]Chaos[/b] [url=""]Chaos Pack 1[/url] The original one that started it all... you may already have these models. If not, they are a sure download, including Chaos Terminators, the Chaos Icon Bearer, and more. [url=""]Randomized CSM helmets[/url] Chaos Space Marines with random helmets, or no helmet at all sometimes :D [url=""]Champion of Khorne[/url] Chaos leader unit, with exceptionally large axes. [url=""]Champion of Nurgle[/url] Typhus-like unit. [url=""]Icon Bearer[/url] An updated version of the old icon bearer in the first model pack. [url=""]Randomized Defiler[/url] A Defiler with random parts! Some are decorated with banners, for instance. [b]Space Marines[/b] [url=""]Commander with Helmet[/url] The Force Commander with a helmet on. [url=""]Random Space Marines[/url] Space Marines with random parts and helmets. [url=""]Land Raider with Storm Bolter[/url] Turret-mounted storm bolter. [url=""]Rhino with Storm Bolter[/url] Likewise! The wonderful part about this mod is that [b]Medes[/b], responsible for most of the models here, is showing no signs of slowing. Therefore, it is a good idea to watch [url=""]this thread[/url] for frequent updates and ensuing downloads. EDIT If you'd like to have all the models together, already set up to play, you can download [file="56235"]this file.[/file] Keep in mind, its pretty messy, and you could probably do a better job. A long tutorial is also included on how to get the models ingame, so next time you can do it, choosing what models YOU want!
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