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Published by Tempest 16 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Yes, there's more! Dark Crusade is fast shaping up to be the best expansion pack ever for a game, and here is more proof. Thanks to a member of the community with a video from E3, you can all find out more about what the new pack has in store. [b]ZuBR[/b] of Relic Forums uploaded a video found [b][url=""]here.[/url][/b] At only 20-some megabytes, it is well worth the download, and shows off some of the new features, including the [b]meta-map[/b], some new [b]campaign screens[/b], and possibly one of the most awaited, [b]hero customization[/b]. It also gives you a look at the Necrons and Tau you probably have already seen, but is interesting anyways! [b]IGN[/b] has also posted another article today, this one on the Tau Krootox. Straight from it; [quote]So the Tau rely on their allies, the Kroot to deal with melee combat and to run interference for their Fire Warriors. Kroot Carnivores (a unit that we discussed in detail a few weeks back) are melee specialists who can deal with normal melee threats like a horde of axe-wielding Orks. But there are those moments when the Tau need a melee unit that can deal with the heavier hitting units. [/quote] Want to read the rest of the article, and see the Krootox in action? [url=""]head here[/url], and stay tuned for more!
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