New Dawn of War 2 Screenshots

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Little bit of dow2 news for ya folks who didn't know

Just to let those you have not yet seen them know, has some new screenshots showing off mainly Orks, especially the warboss. Some screenshots do show listening posts, and the possibility of destroyed vehicles staying as terrain. I cropped the listening post and it is down below.

Also, vehicles seem like they stay as terrain when destroyed. in the below pic, a dreadnaught has been bombarded and turned black and it now slumped. Another of the earlier screenshots showed a destroyed Predator, which means if vehicles do stay destroyed on field like I have said, Predators are in game as well.

A third screenshot had vibrantly colored blobs in the background, which i first took to be Tyranid Rippers, but I am not too sure. It could just be that longing for Tyranids that we all have....


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