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Well guys same story as the Tyranid mod, there forums are down so this is the link to there back up one.

Greetings, all.

Much like the Tyranid Mod team, Depth of Heresy's forum hosted here at DoWFiles is inaccessible at the moment and has been for going on 2 weeks. Unfortunately this occurred right in the middle of a beta testing cycle which was being used to prep the next public beta for release. Since it's rather difficult to conduct tests without a venue to compile feedback and communicate with the testers, Kjon and I have decided to set up a new forum for Depth of Heresy: Agonies of War and it's spin-off Lost and the Damned mod in order to allow our work to continue while the forum here is still down.

You can find that forum here:

As you'll notice, the Depth of Heresy forum has been combined with forums for other mods that I'm working on; the new forum was something I'd been toying around with the idea of for a month or more, but the DoH forum outage kind of galvanized me into getting around to putting it together. It currently doesn't have the graphical style of finesse of the DoH forum that Kjon had created here, but if nothing else it's at least a venue for progress.

If you were a member of the Depth of Heresy: Agonies of War forum here at DoWFiles (either as a beta tester, mod team member, or just a fan), I'd ask that you take the time to sign up to the new forum. I'll be working to rebuild the previews and some of the basic information that was held in the DoWFiles forum over the next week or three, though it'll be impossible to repost everything unless the forum here comes back online during that recovery.

Hopefully testing will resume soon, so that we can get a new public beta out and let people see what our Space Marines are like. *smiles*

- Croaxleigh Depth of Heresy: Agonies of War co-lead


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