New DoW II Campaign Info: STRATAGEMS

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Published by Sl4sh 13 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Hey guys, Here is a new update on the DoW II single player campaign. There will be unique rally points on the map to capture, and they simple give bonuses that carry over to the next missions. Now you might be wondering "Rally points? What the heck is that?". Well it's quite simple. They function as a place on the map where your army can retreat back to safety, the article does not say if your troops will retreat back to the closest, or rather if you can pick your own. Stratagems function as rally/reinforcement points and also give global bonus for missions you later carry out. You may only capture one stratagem per mission, thus forcing players and giving them options of which to use for the benefit of later missions they later carry out on. These stratagems only apply to the planet you are operating on. There are three types of stratagems: 1) Communications Array – Capturing one of these Stratagems gives you the Signum war gear accessory. When equipped on one of your squad members that’s taking part in a mission, the Signum allows you to call in Artillery Strikes that rain fragmentation shells down on the enemy. The number of times that you can call in artillery during a mission depends on the number of arrays that you hold on that planet. Communications Arrays will also unlock additional intelligence information for you during mission briefings, perhaps warning you of enemy movements or letting you know of weaknesses in their lines. 2) Imperial Shrine – These holy structures may be well guarded, for the enemies of the Space Marines know of their value. If captured, these Stratagems grant you the use of the Rosarius war gear accessory. The Rosarius allows its user to cast the Blessing of Fortitude which grants several seconds of invulnerability to your squads. If timed correctly, this can certainly be a mission saving maneuver. Controlling Imperial Shrines also reduces the rate at which a Tyranid infestation grows on a planet, and increases bonus experience earned at the end of missions. The experience goes towards leveling your squads, making them more powerful at a faster rate. 3) Automated Foundry – The foundry produces weapons of war. Capturing it will grant you the Locator Beacon war gear accessory which allows you to call in automated Turrets to add to your firepower in a given area. Very handy for quickly adding firepower where you need it most. Just like the other Stratagems, the more foundries you control the more times you can call in for a Turret while you’re on a mission. Lastly, Automated Foundries will also reduce the requirements for allowing you to make an extra deployment during a day. This allows you to potentially run two missions in one day in the campaign, allowing you two moves to the enemy’s one. For more information, please click on the following link:
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