New DoW II Info: Strike Cruiser - War Gear

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Hey guys, Although this new DoW II update doesn't have much new info on the upcoming game, I still thought it would be worth it to post this up for people who have been missing the last few new post on the game. This article summarize most of what's been posted for past couple of weeks, so it should be a must read for some of ya! Check it out: [quote]We previously talked about customizing your squads on the Strike Cruiser in Dawn of War II., Now we’re going take a closer look at war gear for your squads, what it is, how you get it, and what it can do. One of the most exciting things you’ll get to do in Dawn of War II is equipping your squads with better weapons, better armor, and a variety of devices to aid you during missions. This is your war gear and it is stored on the squad screen in the Strike Cruiser. Equipping your squad involves simply dragging an item from your inventory onto the squad of your choice. War gear comes in all shapes and sizes but can be broken down into four specific types: armor, weapons, accessories and commander items. Heavy Bolter warming up Armor is certainly the most noticeable piece of war gear that you can equip your squad with. In addition to reducing damage taken by your squad, armor can also grant other benefits such as an increasing movement speed or making your squad more resistant to being suppressed by enemy fire. This all adds up to increasing the general survivability of your force, letting them stay in the fight longer. Weapons are also incredibly important, not only in how much damage they do but also in how they work together to get through a mission. If your Devastator Marines are equipped with a Heavy Bolter to suppress enemy units, you might want to compliment that with a squad of Tactical Marines with a Flamer. If your mission has you re-taking a village, you better put something like a Missile Launcher in the hands of one of your squads so that they can quickly deal with enemy units holed up in buildings, unless you’d prefer to use explosives. But accessories are the items we’re most excited to show. Accessories always grant an ability and each accessory equipped adds an entire new dimension to the squad you equip it on. Demolition charges, frag and flash grenades, and mines can all be used in a variety of ways to deal with clumps of enemy units that are either holed up in cover or charging your position. It’s also a good idea to have one of your squads equipped with a Stimulant Recovery Kit to heal wounds taken on the battlefield, and if you have spare slots you might be able to fill them with a purity seal that can grant additional bonuses. War gear is a big part of the tactical side of the Dawn of War II campaign. With the right tools at their disposal, your Space Marines realize their true potential and can deal with just about anything the enemy can throw at them. In upcoming posts we’ll be taking a look at more of the Sergeants that you will be equipping to help you lead the charge in the campaign.[/quote]

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