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Hello Everybody [b][u]New Staff Member[/u][/b] Please welcome your newest site staffer, [b]IKS[/b]. Please help me in welcoming him to staff as he brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to the site. Here is a highlight of his qualification's: [b]IKS[/b] - Site Administrator - Star Trek Legacy Files - Site Administrator - Star Trek Elite Force Files - Site Administrator - Halo Files - Vice Administrator - Sins of a Solar Empire Files - FF Forums Moderator Congrats IKS, I look forward to what you will bring to the site most importantly what you will bring to the members and to the greatest DoW community in the world. Also I might add that IKS is the best Klingon warrior you are ever likely to meet. Now for a small intro by IKS: [quote]I am IKS. I am 22, from Ireland and have recently graduated from college studying computer science. I've been staffing it on Filefront as far back as 2005. Currently site administrator for Star Trek Legacy Files since march 2007, worked as vice-admin helping out Joelteon get it up and started when we launched in September 2006. Also the site administrator of Star Trek Elite Force Files since November 2008, tasked with getting that back up and running -which is turning out to be a successful endeavor. I'm also the current site administrator for Halo Files, took over pretty recently tasked with getting that back up to scratch also and since September 2008 I have been the vice-admin on Solar Empire files. I have worked on a few sites previously over the years, including Star Trek Armada Files, Operation Flashpoint Files and at one point a brief stint on Elite Force Files doing files. I also currently moderate the Legacy, Armada and Elite Force Forums. As for modding, I have modded several games down through the years and currently actively modding for New Gen mod team for their new Legacy mod - Trek Battles 3, I also am working as the main texture on Star Trek Freelance for Elite Force 1 and I also work for Aftermath Mod Team for Legacy as well, in other words I am a busy bee ;) So I do bring alot to DoW's table![/quote] On a side note, we are STILL looking for 1 more staff member. I urge all of you to fill out an application asap! Dreadlord12 Site Admin

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