Patch 1.4 Release Date?

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Tranj has left a post in the official DOW Forums which announces that the 1.4 patch will be released around the time that Winter Assault appears in stores. He's also released some information on the changes we'll see in 1.4. Here's what he had to say: [quote] I hope to soon post all of the tech tree changes that you will see for all races in Winter Assault. There has been a huge overhaul of where things appear in the tree. We will also be posting the balance changes made to the 1.4 version of DoW that will be released at the same time as Winter Assault. A sneak peek on the changes to the Eldar for 1.4: The Warp Spiders have had their projectiles changed to daiseys reducing their damage entirely. Brightlances have been renamed to flashlights (with appropriate damage reduction), and the Avatar of Khaine now actually uses a Cane to move around the battlefield reducing his movement speed by 80%.[/quote] Well I haven't been able to play Dawn of war since patch 1.3 so hopefully this patch will fix things for me. It sounds interesting but it's quite along wait for it's release.
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