Planet Profile: Meridan

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Hey guys, Relic has posted it up another planet profile, this time its about what seems to be a hive world (Has a population of 32 billion!) - Meridan. Read on: [quote] AuSs-007 Sub-Sector Capital Tithe Grade: Exactis Secondus Aestimare: A431 Population: 32 Billion The center of Imperium power in Sub-Sector Aurelia, Meridian is a teeming planetary metropolis, featuring huge city-spires rising from urban landscapes the size of continents. Home to billions of Imperial citizens, the planet is also an industrial power, with valuable manufactoria producing everything from household goods to lasguns and aircraft. Meridian For most citizens, Meridian is sub-sector Aurelia, seeing as how it accounts for well over 90% of the total population and economic output. The governor of the sub-sector definitely shares this point of view, seeing the other worlds under his jurisdiction as little more than a resource frontier. His attention is always turned toward Meridian and its links to the larger Imperium. This willful ignorance of events on the frontier make him ill suited to defend his domain against the invading Hive Fleet. Even discounting the Tyranids, Meridian is hardly the secure bastion the governor pretends it is. Ork smugglers from the Blood Axe clan can be found lurking in the shadows of certain hab-spires, while Eldar infiltrate higher strata to recover artifacts pilfered from the ruins of Typhon. It falls to the Space Marines to break through this bureaucratic ignorance and muster a defense for Meridian and the Sub-Sector entire.[/quote]

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