Planet Profiles: Calderis & Typhon Primaris

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Hey guys, Relic has posted it up two more profile update, this time both on planet that you will take battle in! Introducing the desert world of Calderis and the highlands of Typhon Primaris, both are unique planets with their own background details and as well as how they will relate to the Dow II story. Read on: ------- [b][url="http://community.dawnofwar2.com/blogs/?p=427"]Caldaris[/url][/b] [quote] AuSs-009 Feudal World Tithe Grade: Solutio Prima Aestimare: H321 Population: 25 million An arid sphere first settled in the forgotten pre-Imperium past, Calderis is a feudal world with native technology akin to the early Industrial Revolution. An Imperial Governor oversees the planet from orbit, ensuring that the world contributes men and ores as tithes. According to the Administratum, the governor also “periodically permits” the Space Marines to recruit from the population. For the Space Marines, of course, the planet is a recruiting world and so “theirs”, but they have neither the manpower nor inclination to maintain a constant presence on the planet – best to arrive every few years/decades to recruit. The feudal nature and harsh climate suit them well, as it makes the locals hardy and resilient stock from which to choose battle brothers. Planet Calderis The planet has suffered from occasional outbreaks of feral Ork activity for centuries, but in recent seasons, the Greenskins have grown in number, power and resources. The governor has mobilized the Planetary Defense Force (armed with Imperial Guard issue gear), while the Chapter has sent almost a dozen Battle Brothers to secure the planet. The fight is not going well.[/quote] -------- [b][url="http://community.dawnofwar2.com/blogs/?p=432"]Typhon Primaris[/url][/b] [quote]AuSs-011 Feral World Tithe Grade: Solutio Tertius Aestimare: N121 Population: 30,000 Choked by dense jungles in its highlands and fetid swamps in the lowlands, Typhon Primaris is a dangerous and unwelcoming place. Orks are endemic to the place and several centuries ago they wiped out the last of the human ancestors of colonists from the Dark Age of Technology. These people had long since reverted to a Bronze Age level of sophistication, and plentiful ruins attest to their civilization. Space Marines once recruited from this population. The Orks of Typhon Primaris are fractious like all their kind, but not the isolated feral tribes of Calderis. The Warlord Grakka da Skurj of the Evil Sunz clan currently sits at the top of the Orkish power structure on Typhon. The planet is also home to small communities of Eldar Exodites. Eons ago a Craftworld fatally damaged by the Eldar Fall crashed on this world, and its remains are still hidden in its depths. The Exodites do not know this, but do sense a deep value to this savage world. Typhon: The surface Human repopulation of the world is not an Imperial priority. However, around 30,000 people do live here, scattered across a variety of scientific stations, resource extraction sites and military training bases. As these stations begin to transition into rugged communities, the Space Marines have begun recruiting again. An Imperial governor oversees the world and is mostly responsible for keeping the Orks in some form of check. Less well-known are the small number of Tech Priests who have come to Typhon to examine several pieces of Dark Age technology uncovered in the oldest settlement sites – and the Tyranids who are well on their way to infesting the low-land swamps of the world.[/quote]

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