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Published by sergent_killa 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Hey everyone,

Even if you think / know that you are a law abiding member of DOWfiles i would like you to read this even though it may only apply to a small majority of the community (You know who you are)

Recently the POTD comments have turned south despite the community's promise that they would help the staff improve the site, but we can't do that with everyone breaking the rules and posting rubbish!

I have deleted numerous posts already on the current POTD and everyone is on very thin ice as i see it because i am tempted to disable commenting on the next few POTD's.

Whats that? I can't do that? yes i can! it will make my life and the life of every other staff member easier! seeing as how i would have good reason to close it and it would also mean that we would have to do less work for a day or two.

Its not that i'm lazy, its just that i'm sick and tired of deleting pointless and offencive posts.

So, i'm going to spell it out to you:


1: Obey the comment posting rules!

You think they're there because the staff got bored one evening and decided to wright some random rubbish? NO! they're in place to warn members on what their post should or should not contain!

When posting comments, you must follow these rules:

No "Yay I got First Post!" posts, no exceptions and no matter what other content the post has! No Pornographic Material. Any sexually oriented imagery or links to such content will not be tolerated. No Warez or Illegal Software. This includes linking to software, posting about it, and suggesting to get it. No Cursing or Swear words. We encourage you to use our comment sections as a forum to debate files, news, etc., but please use proper adjectives to express yourself. We will not tolerate abuse upon another member or author. No Attacks / Retaliation of any kind against a member, or group of members. Please do not advertise for other sites or forums here. Maximum of 3 smileys per regular member.

The high interactivity of this site should be considered a luxury, not a right. If you cannot follow these simple rules, you can and will be warned or banned from the comments, site or the entire network for any period of time.

Now enjoy yourself and behave!

2: Give good reasons for low marks.

If you want to give a reason for you low mark (e.g.: 1/10 because i can't put 0) Then be constructive don't just yell out "Its just rubbish!" or "Bad graphics!" or anything similar to that. I know its not a specific rule but i think it would break rule 5 as you are attacking the author of the picture. Give constructive comments to possibly help the author send in, what you deem as, better images in the future.

3: Carrying on a movement (per say)

I hate it when i say people say "Yeah right on #7!" When post #7 is all negative feedback, it just shows you a mob mentality forming in that section against something or someone. Your all capable of stating your own opinion so say it for yourself and don't jump on the band wagon. If you do this would only proceed to break rule 5 even more.

4: Posting links to external sites

I personally don't see the point in this rule from time to time. If the things you post are relevant to the File or news post then i don't really have too much of a problem with it. HOWEVER! Filferont do have a problem with it or there wouldn't be a rule against it! If the link contains relevant information but also has inappropriate material on the same site the it is forbidden, that goes for sites that bare no relevance and that break other comment posting rules.

Obviously you don't have to follow all 4 of those pointers but i just thought i'd fill you in on why i delete / moderate comments so that i don't get showered with people whining to myself or fellow staff members.

The DOWFiles team is doing what they can to make this a fun, positive and creative environment but we cant fully accomplish that target if people keep blatantly breaking the rules time and time again.

I'll state once more that you can give whatever mark you want for a POTD so long as the comment that follows that mark is not offencive to the owner of the picture or fellow community members. I believe in freedom of speech but be reasonable!


Sergent Killa

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