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Published by dreadlord12 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Hey guys and girls of DoWFiles,

Over the past few days it seems that there has been alot of issues with the POTD. Members are complaining about trolls and bad posts. I have a few simple requests for you guys:

1) If you are rating a POTD poorly leave a fair comment that can help the creator better there next post. Some thing like "damn this sucks, -1/10... this is so bad I dont even know why I rated it" will NOT be acceptable.

2) If a member does happen to troll please don't flame or attack this member, a staffer will respond to the post in a timely manner. If we happen to miss the post you may send a quick email off to team@dowfiles.com and we will respond to it.

3) Remember that the regular comment rules still apply in the POTD section and will be enforced. No members are exempt from this, not even staff.

4) Remember that all of the DoWFiles staff are volunteers, So if you are asked to do something or not to do something please listen to them. They are only trying to better the site, they are not trying to pull rank or trying to upset you.

5) To all of you trolls out there, Im asking you to please read over these rules and post accordingly. Everyone here is entitled to there opinion but it has to follow the rules. If you have a problem with this then please don't post and bring down the overall greatness and moral of the site.

Thanks guys, and I hope we can restore the POTD section to what it and its members deserves. As your site admin I promise the community that this issue WILL be fixed in a timely manner. If anyone has any questions or concerns about this I ask you to please email team@dowfiles.com or you may email me at any time.


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