Relic Entertainment: Support for Dawn of War wasn't up to scratch

By Sl4sh 15 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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Hey guys, In an recent interview with Dawn Of War II’s Lead Designer Jonny Ebbert, Jonny admitted the poor support that Relic gave for Dawn of War. He explained that the patching process was a long and hard process, thus the reason why the patches took up to months to be completed and be sent out to the community. Now however, for Dawn of War II, the patching pipeline for it has been greatly modified so it can make patching the upcoming game very simple and quick. With the Games For Windows LIVE service from Microsoft, you can expect top-notch online services as it can handle very stressful server loads and has great firewall negotiation. Besides, it has Achievements! So what does this mean fellas? It pretty much means that IF there are any game breaking bugs or balance issue, Relic will be able to upload a quick patch to the online system which everyone will be able to download relatively quickly; thus ending those days of people yelling "IMBAAA!"

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