Relicon UK Lan Weekend - Awesome news- Please read!

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Well looks like a little LAN event is gonna be organized for the release of DOW2 [quote]Hi All, I have been in touch with several LAN venues to host a Relic themed LAN event next year (a mini Relicon if you will) celebrating the community and the launch of Dawn of War 2... and I may have struck gold. I have been in contact with a member of Omega Sektor in Birmingham, which is an enormous LAN centre containing several rooms, 140 PC's, consoles, bars and much more. http://www.omegasektor.com/omega/cmps_index.php Omega Sektor have said that they are potentially interested in running a Relic themed weekend event. They have run a similar event for the European City of Heroes community in the past,which looked amazing: http://eu.cityofheroes.com/news/article/3138/ and the Relic event would be of a similar magnitude. So expect games and tournaments in a whole weekend event. There is no hire charge as it's a public event, so the only costs would be determined by if you want a one day ticket or a whole weekend pass. You can even play through the night or crash on a bean bag if you don't want to find a hotel! OS have offered to contact Relic and Games Workshop to see if they want to be involved, and as NCSoft got involved for the City of Heroes event then hopefully having the backing of a huge LAN arena will prove persuasive. I have said that as well as DoW 2 I would like to see the other Relic games represented - They have Company of Heroes and Dawn of War already, but have said that they would be happy to run other games if we provide them, so fans of games like Homeworld take heart - your communities will be represented! I have raised the question of mods, and was told that although it probably won't be a problem if they are brought in on flashdrive, it would first need to be confirmed with the tech guys. BUT..... I NEED NAMES! OS have put this out here and I think it will be phenomenal. A huge public arena to meet everybody and play the games we love. The one Caveat is that OS are only prepared to do this if there is enough community backing first. It will be an event open to the public, but they need to know that the core market, i.e us, will put in enough of an attendance to make it worth them diverting from their regular weekend plans. So I need names of those who are interested based on the above information. I don't have prices yet, those will be decided based on the plans but I would use the CoH event prices as a rough guide. It will be next year, post DoW2 so you have time to save up some pennies. So...it's down to us now. Please post your interest in this thread to make this happen![/quote] ~Gaffer

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