The Dark Angels Mod Needs Beta Testers!!

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Published by Sl4sh 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Hey guys,

There is a urgent need for beta testers over at the Dark Angel's Mod, so if you feel like your up to the job (meaning, don't just sign up for it and slack off entirely), send ravenmorpheus or Morat a private message at the RelicNews Forums.

Here's the full detail of the shout out:

Ok so we have reached the stage where we have a 99% complete Dark Angels mod, AE codewise at least, it's all working and just needs a tweak or two and a few bits and pieces adding (or taking out) and some balance work.

We have one playtester, but he seems to have gone a.w.o.l for the moment and hasn't been heard from for a few weeks, probably on vacation or something.

But we could do with some more people to test this mod, especially now that we have some AI that Thudmeizer has put a lot of work into. And I'll quote Thudmeizer on this, hopefully he won't mind ;)

Originally Posted by Thudmeizer posting in a thread at our private forums: DA is one of the most successful DoW user-created faction projects due to how fast it has come in the 4-5 months of life. This is an absolutely incredible body of work and it must forge onwards.

Please can you PM myself or Morat here to let us know your interested in helping us out.

Thanks and looking forward to getting some more people on board.

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