The Strike Cruiser

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Published by Sl4sh 13 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Hey guys, Relic has posted news on the official site of Dawn of War II that talks about the Strike Cruiser, of which will be a very important feature in the single player campaign. You pretty much use the Strike Cruiser to customize squads with war gear, attribute points, and strategize the next move all in between missions. Included in this news post are two pictures of the Strike Cruiser itself, and the customization menu. Check it out in full detail: [quote]Today we’re going to be taking a look at the Strike Cruiser and the role that it will play in the Dawn of War II campaign. The Strike Cruiser serves a number of purposes in the campaign: it’s a place to take a breather between missions, to customize your squads with war gear, to spend attribute points to enhance your squads, and to strategize and plan your next move. Space Marines are the ultimate mobile strike force. They strike without warning, and take the fight to the enemies of humanity throughout the universe. They have access to a variety of spacecraft for launching and supporting their operations, and this is reflected in Dawn of War II with the Strike Cruiser. The Dawn of War II campaign takes place over multiple planets, and you will use a Blood Ravens Strike Cruiser to transport your strike force between them. This ship is designed for close combat support of planetary landings, and it is from the Strike Cruiser that Space Marines deploy for missions to the planet surface. The Strike Cruiser can also be called on for bombardment as well as for reinforcement. Gearing your squads The most exciting feature of the Strike Cruiser is the ability to customize your squads between missions. In Dawn of War II, you’ll get to choose your weapons and equipment before each mission. You’ll start the campaign with a very basic set of equipment, and, as the campaign progresses, you’ll be rewarded with a variety of war gear that you can use to enhance your squads. These items include armor, weapons, and squad-specific tools like frag grenades and med kits. Equipping a new piece of gear is a simple drag and drop system. The number of slots that you have to fill with war gear depends on the character that you are equipping and their level. The leveling system in Dawn of War II is another way for you to enhance and customize your squads, and you’ll get to make all kinds of cool decisions on your Strike Cruiser between missions. As you use your squads in campaign missions, they gain experience, eventually reaching a new level. Every time your squad gains a new level you are granted attribute points to spend in one of four areas, Health, Ranged Damage, Melee Damage, or Energy. The most exciting part of the leveling system, is that you get to unlock cool new abilities when you invest in an attribute. Each of these abilities adds a whole new dimension to your squad. As you can see there is a lot to explore on the Strike Cruiser between missions, and the squad screen is vital for truly utilizing the full potential of the experience gains and gear in the game. Your strategic planning will also be done here as you fight through the campaign, and we’ll have more on that in future updates.[/quote] Sweet stuff :mepimp:
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