Three new Dawn Of War 2 screenshots!

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Lo and behold, sprinting in shortly after the announcement of DoW2, we have three new screenshots. First up we see some heavily upgraded and far more stylish Assault Marines clashing with an Ork horde, showing off the HDR lighting and advanced shader mapping effects present in Essensce 2.0 as well as it's capacity for significantly higher polygon limits for models. Second of all, said Marines demonstrate their jetpacks, showing two blatant upgrades to the game graphically and in style - the new jetpack effects look great, and it seems some form of simulated Newtonian gravity will be implemented as opposed to the 'up, across, and down' style of jetpacks in [i]Dawn of War[/i]. Physics in games are always a fun plus. Third and final, we see a demonstration of some heavy effects work as an orbital strike is brought down on the battlefield, as well as getting an in-game glimpse of the Space Marines joining the fray.
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