Tonights DOW Review

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Gaming Nexus is the latest site to post up a review of DOW. They gave it a total of 8.8/10. The game always seems to get an 8? Here's a snippet from this review: [quote]Space Marines, the Orks, and the Eldar. Not much explanation is given for all the bickering between these guys, but it seems that they just can’t share a planet without getting into a bit of a row. As I’m not all that familiar with the setting, there’s undoubtedly a great deal of background I’m just not seeing. Truthfully, though, it really doesn’t matter. Relic isn’t trying to tell a grand, sweeping tale here. Dawn of War is about putting a few factions together on a map and seeing who walks off alive, little more than that. Those wanting “plot” need to look elsewhere. The rest of us can enjoy some highly-polished RTS action. [/quote] Head to Gaming Nexus to check out the review.
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