Total War: Winter Assault brings out new, compeleted version!

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Published by Tempest 17 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
The [url=""]Total War: Winter Assault[/url] mod has released a full version of their mod today! Mod leader Legacy had this to say: [quote] have released the mod Total War: Winter Assault. Like my mod Total War, it boosts the caps and build limits for all units in the game by a multiplyer by three. For example, you can build 3 baneblades, command squads and snipers, and 9 enginseers, commisars, preists and psykers. The cap is boosted to 60. Enjoy. [/quote] So what is the benefit of playing such a mod? Well, if you love epic battles, look no further! Massive ranks of infantry, columns of tanks, and legions of heavy weapons sound intriguing? It'll only cost you a 1.24mb download, which you can find [url=""]here.[/url] People may remember earlier versions of this mod from vanilla Dawn of War. Surely the addition of the Imperial Guard can only make it better! Download now! Dawn of War files mirror is now located [file="55476"]here.[/file]
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