Tyranid Mod Looking for Beta Testers

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Git of news from the folks over at the tyranid mod

Hey guys.

Currently we're in the process of trying to carefully analyse the way we've set up our game balance. Unfortunately we're really short-handed for beta testers.

So if you have a copy of Soulstorm, are good at analysing games, and have a lot of free time, we'd really love you to hop over to our forum (http://tyranids.dowfiles.com/index.php) and send a Private Message to Nonalyth saying that you want to be a beta tester.

We do run all our prospective beta testers through a trial phase - basically we just ask you to play through the 0.45-SS release a few times and give some feedback, but if you're good at it you ought to become a beta tester relatively quickly.

So if you'd really like to test out the Tyranid Mod in detail, please feel free to sign up and apply.

Enjoy ~Gaffer

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