Tyranids mod beta version (For testing purposes only, NO MODELS!)

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Published by Tempest 17 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
The Tyranids mod has another beta version of their mod. Keep in mind, if you are looking to tear apart a bunch of Eldar with Hormagaunts, well, it won't really work out that way. THIS IS FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO HELP THE DEVS! There are NO NEW MODELS! I cannot stress that enough after the last time... anyways, it is pretty much the code for the mod public. You can download it, play around, and tell them what you like and vice versa. If you are looking for fun, you may still have it, but once again, be warned, there is nothing new besides the code. If you do decide to download, which I recommend anyone interested in seeing the Tyranids mod completed do, you can get the file off the [url="http://www.dudeslair.com/dow/index.php?section=downloads"]mod's homepage.[/url] This is great for anyone who wants to help make this mod the best it can be! This way, you will have a great, balanced mod when the final version with all the ingame models comes out! So don't just stand there, go help this mod be a success!
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