Tyranids Mod releases a WA-compatible version!

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Published by Tempest 17 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
The Bugs from Hell are now available on Winter Assault. Ok, so they aren't really bugs, but nevertheless, the Tyranids are now playable with your Winter Assault game! Those familiar with previous versions will remember the only new unit with a corresponding model was the Genestealer, and that remains true. Changes in this version are mainly balance, and of course adding compabibility with Winter Assault. The following is not so much a changelog as a short briefing, but it is a definate read before you download; [quote]Tyranids 213 Release -------------------- +What Tyranid Models are in this release? There is currently only the Genestealer model in game; models from the 4 main races represent the other Tyranids. So Rippers are represented by Ork Grotz/Gretchin and Spinegaunts are represented by Chaos Cultists etc. The Tyranid buildings are represented by Space Marine buildings and will be replaced when our Tyranid buildings are done, this will NOT be soon. +What will be the next model in game? This will be our builder unit, the Ripper swarm, it MIGHT be in the next release, or after, but it is next. At the present time we have no AI for the Tyranids, it is in the process of being created but until it is finished you’ll just have to make do with playing with them and not against them. Unless you play online that is. +I’d like to give feedback about the mod or visit it’s creators. You can visit our website at http://tyranids.dowfiles.com/, feel free to give comments on the mod, as long as they’re constructive! [/quote] In the actual readme, there is a comprehensive FAQ that will teach you the finer points of playing as the Tyranids. But, enough said, the download is reachable [url="http://dawnofwar.filefront.com/file/Tyranids;49127x#734112"]here.[/url] If you would like to learn more about the Tyranids mod, you can check out their NEW website hosted here on Dawn of War files at [url="http://tyranids.dowfiles.com/portal.php"]this location![/url] So go now, my beasties, and stain the stars red.
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