Weekly Poll Results - Are Flying Units a Good Addition To Gameplay?

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Published by sergent_killa 14 years ago , last updated 4 years ago

Are Flying Units a Good Addition To Gameplay?

Yes 39% (1752)

No 26.4% (1186)

I Ain't Got SS Yet 25.1% (1126)

I don't Use Flying Units 9.4% (422)

Total: 4486
Start: 03-17-2008 16:08
Last: 04-01-2008 04:55

 #1 - Posted by: MasterMarine94 (Member) on 03-17-2008 at 16:11
i dont really like to use them but sometimes they are good at overwelming mele infantry

 #2 - idk - Posted by: spacemarine912 (Member) on 03-17-2008 at 16:40
i realy want ss but i'm grounded for now but i still play dc i feel they will be a good adition to ss from what i observed from the demo

 #3 - Posted by: pk10222 (Member) on 03-17-2008 at 17:43
flying units kinda killed the style of DOW...though flying units make great scouts use them every once in a while...

 #4 - Posted by: katana50 (Member) on 03-17-2008 at 18:22
from playing da demo they suck they shouldve had the air units as a special ability from a building to call for air support to either bomb your enemies into hell our have like watch over a area for like a couple mins and mow down any enemies that come with in their ridicul idk my thoughts on :rolleyes:

 #5 - Posted by: conti (Member) on 03-17-2008 at 19:02
I said yes, you know why? Because when you got thirty berzerkers coming at you what are you gonna throw at them? Nothing that will stop them. Air units though, specifically the Fighta Bomba will stop them in their tracks, because they can't get at them in CC.

 #6 - of course they are - Posted by: sage62 (Member) on 03-17-2008 at 20:15
Of course they are good, and they should be a welcomed addition, but many people seem to think that they are pathetic, so i will say it again, they can't be hit by melee, so they must be weaker to remain balanced, and though I don't own SS yet (will soon though) I have the sense to say this much:rock:

 #7 - Posted by: Boromir16 (Member) on 03-17-2008 at 22:21
Well, how usefull air units in SS are (like any other unit) depends on the strategy of the gamer and the race being played. Some folks like using IG ogryns for their melee. I prefer Kasrkins for their superior ranged weapons. Some might not use the Dark Eldar Raven because it is a relatively easy target. I enjoy using them in quick anti-infantry hit-and-runs. It's not a matter of whether they're good or bad. It's how they're used. That applies to any unit, race, tactic ,or strategy.

 #8 - Posted by: Bender_bending_rodregas (Member) on 03-17-2008 at 23:38
i agree with #4, that should have been the way to go with the flying units.

 #9 - Posted by: In__Hoc__Signo (Member) on 03-18-2008 at 02:51
In gameplay terms (and in gameplay terms only) they are good scouts units, able to disturb opponent's movements and to push his\her strategy where you prefer. In fictional/fluff/realism terms they look like a bad joke: simply ridiculous. :r Take this as an example, please: the new, fantastic Air Units for SS I dreamed of. 1) My SM units are under attack. The aggressor is a Greenskin Orkopter, or a Sweeping Hawks unit, or some kind of Possessed CSM with wings, or a IG Vulture, or a swarm of flying Necron Scarabs, or some Tau Remora Fighter-Drones, or a unit Assault SM/SoB Seraphims/DE Scourges with flight modifications (maybe using some specific reserach). Now, all this new fantastic Air Units are able to fly, avoid melee, and eventually HOVER above my SM shreading them to bits. You can see: good gameplay terms, good scouting units, good TO LOOK AT. 2) My SM units are under attack. The aggressor is a fast, thundering, roaring Ork Fighta Bomma. It approaches like a red lighting, making a loud "Chaka-chaka-chaka!!" noise... Then it abbruptly stops in mid-air, aims accurately at my SM, and gets pawned a shower of Bolter and Support fire. Meanwhile I don't know if laugh or cry at the senselessness of the whole thing. Exactly the same happens with all the new, fantastic Air Units of SS... Now: I'm certainly not a genius but if, after one week of meditiation, I've been able to figure out some kind of Air Units that make sense in a game like DoW... Well, maybe the one that have been paid for it had only poor imagination or simply no aesthetic sense at all. :) My solution? As they actually are, Air Units are a drowback: don't use them! :D

 #10 - Posted by: Lazarus12 (Member) on 03-18-2008 at 03:44
I kinda use my air units to strike strategic points and sunch but I never really rely on them to much.

 #11 - how good they look - Posted by: _BCA_Master_Z (Member) on 03-18-2008 at 04:14
Hey good folk Im glad at how good look doing their bombing runs. (lol)..... I allso noticed they use the ramps (just as the units) to get to higher ground. That is kinda stupid if u ask me since they fly. Fluff wise they are used in apocalypse, so they make some sence, but not hanging still in mid air. That's just to much. The flying units as descibed by #9 sound real nice, hopefully they inspire the modders. Greetings, Master Z

 #12 - just fine - Posted by: IETS567 (Member) on 03-18-2008 at 09:01
Ok the flying units are not spectacular and i would have preferred to see more ground units, but they are fine IMO. The Hell talon for example is a great addition for chaos as a cheap T2 unit wich can obliterate vehicles, buildings, aircraft and infantry quite easily and is as usual (with chaos troops) very versatile, wich i rly like (aka defiler ;) ). Its has also a pretty cool look to it and shows that chaos also has the capabillity to create very deadly aircraft/vehicles/machines. I also like the marauder bomber, but i can go moan about this for a very long time but i wont. My point: The flyers arent spectacular and they are of average quality, but still it is a nice addition for a exp pack for a game thats ALMOST 4 YEARS OLD with an old engine (dont forget that) and that is also the reason why i like the air units. Also keep in mind that the devs/publishers are that nice to release 1 final exp to keep us busy until DOW 2. Are you ready for a new dawn? http://www.kotaku.com.au/games/2008/03/dawn_of_war_2_to_be_unveiled_next_month-2.html

 #13 - Agree with #9 - Posted by: The_Maticore (Member) on 03-18-2008 at 09:26
My IMP Marauders are flying over an ork base with turrets blasting at them for all around, they begin a bombing run and after dropping the last bomb...they stop in mid air and wait for the shrapnel to shred their undersides. Not how aircraft works it tends to keep going and get out of there, not just hover. And another thing how the hell do they reload bombs or get repaired in mid-air? they should land at least when they're being repaired. :furious: They do give soething extra to the game and i'll admit they have saved my men from being shredding by Chaos blades but I still think they need major work doing to them :thumbsdown:

 #14 - Posted by: Firewarrior1705 (Member) on 03-18-2008 at 09:30
I totally agree with #12. I tend to use the Baracuda in the same manner. It can stop enemy vehicle rushes before they overwhelm you at Tier2 and they are also a good choice for supporting tanks and infantry later in the game.

 #15 - Posted by: Kouen (Staff) on 03-18-2008 at 10:33
Contextually, to me it just makes far more sense this way. If I were in command of a force in the same situation as the armies of Soulstorm, I'd choose multi-purpose gunships over specialist strike craft simply because they're more versatile, and if I didn't have any gunship-type craft, I'd have my strike craft retrofitted to serve that role. Why gunships and not strike craft? We're cut off from our main force, in disputed territory where we have no foothold. Thus, we have no airbases. Where would we deploy strike craft from? The only viable point of origin is our primary base, and due to fuel limitations and such, that means our strike craft can only operate within a short range radius. Not useful given that most of our battles take place deep in disputed territory far from our main base. Gunships, however, can be deployed to any battle, anywhere, and can be present on the front lines for as long as they're needed without having to report back and juice up. They can also handle multi-purpose strikes, both air-to-air combat and air-to-ground. While they are more of a target for anti-air defenses, it's up to the commander to ensure anti-air defenses are cleaned out before sending in any aircraft anyway. Strike craft need large airbase facilities to operate out of, whereas gunships are designed for field use when no such facilities are present - exactly the scenario we're in. Response times are another issue. If you call for air support, that means you need air support ASAP. With strike craft you'd be waiting for them to prep for takeoff, take off, find your location, line themselves up, execute their run, and pray they take out the threats in the five or ten second firing window that they have. Response times for gunships obviously isn't instant, but all they have to do is change their direction and fly over to you, then take their position and start shooting for as long as it takes to neutralise the enemy. I could go on, but what's the point? Bottom line is, the fliers are perfect as they are in the sense of how the fliers themselves work. The only problems with them - and to my understanding this isn't just me, but common opinion - are purely aesthetic. They should not float statically, they should move around holding the same rough position but not being levitating statues. They should land next to the builder unit when undergoing repairs. Basically, they should act pretty much like helicopters do.

 #16 - Posted by: Grand_Master_Bean (Member) on 03-18-2008 at 10:43
I like aircraft I like how they can scout out those noobs that send gretchin running around building fortresses when they know they can't win I like how they actually can do a lot of damage I like the way they move!!! *dun dun dun dun du, dun dun dun dun du* ahem Me like

 #17 - Posted by: Eidolon (Member) on 03-18-2008 at 11:07
am I the only one here who has noticed that they get stuck on bridges and walls, and cant actually go over terrain stuff normally cant? try them on bunker 149 and they just get stuck on everything. and try to fly them over a river, they just won't do it

 #18 - Posted by: Kouen (Staff) on 03-18-2008 at 11:15
Okay, [i]that[/i] needs fixing too. Never encountered that.

 #19 - Problems - Posted by: killachipmunk (Member) on 03-18-2008 at 13:25
Flyers! Yay! ONE PROBLEM!! They dont Fly, they are glorified Skimmers, since when did a fighta Bomma Hover? Aircraft should go in tight circles, that way at least they are flying, THEY DONT HOVER!

 #20 - Posted by: conti (Member) on 03-18-2008 at 13:46
You people complain to much.

 #21 - Posted by: IETS567 (Member) on 03-18-2008 at 15:05
Yep agreed, lets bash skulls or heap some more skulls together for khorne

 #22 - Haha - Posted by: Deathhascome (Member) on 03-18-2008 at 16:14
40% voted yes and 27% says no Flying units are welcomed additions to the game, Its just the n00bs that blindly bash them because they "Hover" "Ain't Unstoppable" or " Don't Follow Fluff"

 #23 - people. they did what they could - Posted by: sage62 (Member) on 03-18-2008 at 17:26
look, they did what they could do with the current game engine, you should be happy they gave us one last expansion to tide us over till DOW2, so they did what they could with flying units, they will probably be given better machanics in DOW2 so just wait up and be happy with what you got for now, things will only get better:D

 #24 - #22 - Posted by: In__Hoc__Signo (Member) on 03-19-2008 at 01:56
Argh! I feel soooo noob! Mind you I was waiting for this expansion the new "Cyber-Kitten of Ultimate Doom" unit for the Space Marines, but I was disappointed... They could certainly hover, their fluff coerhence is quite questionable, but fortunately they aren't unstoppable. All in all the Air Units seem better.. I don't remember you posting on this site 4 years ago, but maybe it's just my memory fading... It was a long time ago. :p

 #25 - Posted by: Lone_raven (Member) on 03-19-2008 at 08:11
If I at least had SS...:(

 #26 - Posted by: SparttyCus_the_Amoral (Member) on 03-19-2008 at 12:14
Boo:thumbsdown: air units BOO:thumbsdown::confused:

 #27 - lol - Posted by: Disease_61 (Member) on 03-19-2008 at 12:19
i havn't played a single game against other ppl yet :D XD. im afraid that there gonna spam me with flyers till i die.

 #28 - Air units are extremely helpful. - Posted by: chaoslordx13 (Member) on 03-19-2008 at 13:37
They are extremely helpful if, u can use them right. Air units have really saved me online a lot, epically the imp bomber, they have their ups and downs but if you learn how to use them then they can really effect the outcome of your matches. (suicide runs are not the way to use aircraft) also i don't keep my aircraft still especially the imp bomber, i keep them moving in circles around my enemy to distract my enemy and so they don't take as much damage. in short like everyone else thats said the same thing, it depends on the person using them.

 #29 - Posted by: Eldernesh501 (Member) on 03-19-2008 at 14:45
air is gay there bascily some better tanks that fly i wish there was dog fights and stuff and by the way eldar and dark eldar r the only ones wit ships that can turn on the spot

 #30 - Posted by: karang92 (Member) on 03-19-2008 at 15:24
yeh in my opinion, the air units arent great, but some of them can be useful. mostly i find the IG and orks ones are good because they can bomb infantry, (esp the ork one) and the tau barracuda is the only other one that has some kind of decent firepower (i love thos missle pods :rock: ). the nightwing sucks ass; it doesnt add anything at all to the eldar tactic, as does the lighting fighter. yeh well, imo,mostly air units suck at the minute, and thy're full of glitches as people above have mentioned; we need to wait for relic to sort out a patch for it, or just sit tight and wait for DOW2... :borg::beer:

 #31 - I love em! - Posted by: Lazarus12 (Member) on 03-20-2008 at 13:36
I love air units! I use them to destroy and distract while I destroy the main target with my main force. I think most people complain because they just dont know how to use em.

 #32 - Good air units - Posted by: Fromatnv (Member) on 03-20-2008 at 18:23
I love air units. Specially as space marines> Cause if you didn't notice you can have up too 3 squads of sm in orbital relay assualt term in barrack seed a flyiing unit at thier hq drop your men in and there you go. New air units are good, but really really good as scouts

 #33 - Posted by: conti (Member) on 03-21-2008 at 04:50
[b]comment deleted. Stay on topic and don't whine! consider this a warning... Killa[/b] :cool:

 #34 - yeah - Posted by: sage62 (Member) on 03-21-2008 at 12:38
[b]comment deleted. Stay on topic and don't whine! Consider this a warning... Killa[/b] :cool:

 #35 - yes - Posted by: sparda217 (Member) on 03-21-2008 at 13:13
i can live with air units thay make a good scouts and they can support main offensives thay just need to be micro'ed so thay dont get blow to peaces before your attack force get there to back them up

 #36 - Posted by: 1000thSon (Member) on 03-21-2008 at 13:17
let's pin all the blame on conti

 #37 - NO!!!!! - Posted by: OverClocked_Farhang (Member) on 03-21-2008 at 13:40
I vote NO! They ruined the balance of Dawn of War game! And worst of all, as a Necrons fan, i`m really disappointed with the new unit. It sucks! And they don't have any Air unit! WTF? Nightbringer is much better than the new unit! :thumbsdown:

 #38 - Posted by: SparttyCus_the_Amoral_2 (Member) on 03-21-2008 at 17:08
why i dont like is mostly because istead of a new rattling squad or Russ demolisher i get some crappy little fighters Grrrr:mad::'(:beer:

 #39 - hahahah - Posted by: Zealot2021 (Member) on 03-21-2008 at 22:46
Pathetic attempts at making floating units do not count as "Air Units". So, thus, i dont like them. and i also dont use them. Because, a simple AV team of units is all i need to deal with air units. they serve no real purpose, and in some instances, come in too late a tier (such as 4!) for much use. GIve me lemun russes or squigs any day.

 #40 - Posted by: Andreaz (Member) on 03-22-2008 at 05:00
Of course airunits are usefull when used properly. But in Soulstorm they are implemented wrong. They have degenerated to skimming floaters that can be shot down with almost anything that shoots. i don't use them.

 #41 - Posted by: conti (Member) on 03-22-2008 at 05:11
Thanks 1000th son. Well, yeah. I think killa was right, we were getting a little out of hand.

 #42 - is it that hard to accept? - Posted by: sage62 (Member) on 03-22-2008 at 13:42
How hard is it to accept that they did what they could? The DOW engine wasn't ment to support air units so they did what they could, it probably would have been smarter if they added more ground units, as they work fine, btu they decided to try something new, and this is what we get until DOW 2 comes out, where I am sure they will add more mechanics to the flight units, ad then they will satisfy your ridiculous lack of sense

 #43 - Posted by: In__Hoc__Signo (Member) on 03-22-2008 at 15:57
Waiting for DoW2 I'll try to glue my cat on top of my girfriend's head: doing so I'll obtain a gitrfriend able to see in the dark. Or maybe I won't do it, and keep my cat and my girfriens as they are... Suggestions?

 #44 - the deciver - Posted by: CrashTheOne (Member) on 03-23-2008 at 05:52
its funny thou, i found a glitch with the decivers power to bring up a monolith. when he turns back to the lord, the monolith is sposed to keep goin down in health, but mine stops as soon as he turns into the lord, and then im pretty sure it does damage now.

 #45 - Posted by: OverClocked_Farhang (Member) on 03-23-2008 at 12:59
Why did they reduce the power of Necrons in Soulstorm? Necrons warrior health dropped from 8K to 6.9K! No air unit and Deceiver sucks! The only good thing about Necrons is they increase the health of Pariah from 8K to 8.8K. On the other hand, Chaos is now so powerful. Since they don't have so many Tanks, you can build 4 Air crafts other than the 2 Predators which is so unfair! And when we are gonna see an advanced AI mod for SS? The AI is so weak!

 #46 - Posted by: conti (Member) on 03-23-2008 at 17:45
the Deciever does suck. Its better in TT. Its even better than the Nightbringer on TT.

 #47 - The necrons got the deceiver? - Posted by: sage62 (Member) on 03-23-2008 at 19:16
They got the Deceiver? Well then, thats answers my question as to who they will add for the Necrons, so they didn't get a flight unit? Or does the Deceiver fly?

 #48 - Posted by: OverClocked_Farhang (Member) on 03-24-2008 at 00:45
@46: Deceiver's abilities aren't as useful as NightBringer power! At least NightBringer can defeat a Daemon Prince easily! The only advantage of Deceiver is against mass units so that you can make them fight each other! @47: Yes, Deceiver is Necrons's new unit. It's just like NightBringer so the Necrons Lord can now transfer to either Deceiver or NightBringer. Deceiver don't attack but has some abilities focus on mind controlling. And yes, they don't have a fly unit! Check this GameSpot link if you want to know more about Deceiver: [url=http://www.gamespot.com/pc/strategy/warhammer40000dawnofwarsoulstorm/news.html?sid=6187084&om_act=convert&om_clk=newsfeatures&tag=newsfeatures;title;1]Deceiver Article[/url]

 #49 - use them - Posted by: yazor (Member) on 03-24-2008 at 07:46
you have to use them right with tactics no need to worry about pathing when using them they also do have special stuff everyone of them

 #50 - Posted by: dowfan (Member) on 03-24-2008 at 13:45
The decevers good i used him online a few times to teleport my troops with.What to do is jump ur nec lord into a base then make a fake mono then use the teleport option on ur warriors and send them to the fake mono and/or combine with flayeds this is great for rushing around the map jumping into enemy bases that r being attacked by ur ally.

 #51 - Posted by: TriAsh (Member) on 03-24-2008 at 14:35
no i don't use them thus i see no real point in having them, but this is comeing from somone who rarely uses vehicles and more uses melee combat infantry

 #52 - Posted by: Jaon (Member) on 03-25-2008 at 04:55
I GOT CITADEL CATELOGUE 2008 AND ITS AWESOME!!!! back on topic, i kinda wished they had given the game a more apocalipse approach, more zoom-out-able with huge stuff like mantas and warhounds or atleast some uber armoured thunderhawk carrier with like 4 heavy bolters and can carry heeeeeeps of SM and a couple o preds

 #53 - Posted by: TheDuhMan (Member) on 03-25-2008 at 20:07
aint got SS yet :'(:'(:'(

 #54 - omg, I HATE YOU IRONLORE!!!!! - Posted by: sage62 (Member) on 03-25-2008 at 21:15
My god, today was the worst day ever for me, I bought SS and was really psyched, but when i git home to install it on my laptop, it does not work, so i try and try again with no success, the, exasperated, I look at the readme and what do I see? Incompatible with Windows Vista, then I checked the box to double check, and what do you know, only works on XP and 2000, I blame Ironlore for being the most likely cause, as DC worked on my laptop, and Bill Gates for making the useless program known as Vista, seriously, XP is better

 #55 - Posted by: OverClocked_Farhang (Member) on 03-26-2008 at 03:17
@#54: I`m using Vista Ultimate 64-bit Service Pack 1 and have no problem with SS so far. :beer:

 #56 - really? - Posted by: sage62 (Member) on 03-26-2008 at 05:03
strange, maybe there are different versions of the game? Because mine clearly said in the readme that it wasn't compatible with anything before 2000 and Vista, and on the box it's requirements were XP or 2000, and since I spent roughly an hour trying to get the game to freaking install, I got so fed up I traded it in for Gears of War (which is also good but was not what I wanted at the time) and I will describe my experience with attmepting to install: I put the game into my laptop and damn near pissed mysle with exitement when the little menu thing popped up I clcik "Install The Game and leave to get a drink as I am thirsty I return to find that nothing has happened and that my laptop froze, so naturally i assume that my laptop freezing was the reason, so I reboot it I bring up the menu again and click the install button, the menu dissapears and a few seconds later the screen goes black for abuot 5 seconds The screen then returns to my desktop and.......nothing happens I repeat this process about 20 times before I decided to check the readme, which states clear as day that it does not work on (I may be missing some) Windows 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, HE, OE or Vista" so unless there is a version compatible with Vista i have half a mind to shove my foot so far up Bill Gates' ass that he'll have toe jam in between his teeth:furious:

 #57 - Posted by: conti (Member) on 03-26-2008 at 07:53
Damn dude. Though, yes the vista is frustrating. I had it and switched back to xp or whatever its called.

 #58 - i dont wanna moan but isnt this ment to be weekly? - Posted by: GeorgeRox26 (Member) on 03-26-2008 at 16:31
not mounthly (if were lucky)

 #59 - Posted by: Kouen (Staff) on 03-26-2008 at 17:29
Thanks to Killa being inactive and Gaffer not being around for some reason I'm not aware of, certain parts of the site are slowing down a little. This isn't so bad, though, the poll is only two days late, I've seen some polls that were months in need of changing.

 #60 - is that why? - Posted by: sage62 (Member) on 03-26-2008 at 23:54
that's why it's taken so long? i thought it was because they ran out of ideas

 #61 - Posted by: conti (Member) on 03-27-2008 at 13:58
Lol, that could be a problem too. You should have a poll on poll ideas.

 #62 - Lol Conti - Posted by: The_Maticore (Member) on 03-27-2008 at 14:18
you're a genius, what a great idea, a poll on poll ideas. I love it!!

 #63 - or better - Posted by: sage62 (Member) on 03-27-2008 at 16:48
or maybe we could have a poll on whether or not we should have a poll on what the next poll should be:p

 #64 - Posted by: Grand_Master_Bean (Member) on 03-29-2008 at 06:39
SS works fine on my vista i sometimes struggle to play online, but that isn't sue to vista and those saying the lightening sucks, you couldn't be more wrong!! the lightening will defeat any other aircraft of any army in a 1v1 dogfight i normally have 2 exorcists, 2 penitents and 2 lightenings for AA defense (since SoB don't have any other) and clearly a lot of you haven't played as necrons they do have an air unit, called Attack Scarabs. Spawned from the tomb spyder like in DC, except they can only attack air units. Now [i]they[/i] suck

 #65 - holy crao - Posted by: sage62 (Member) on 03-30-2008 at 20:38
still no new poll? holy crap

 #66 - Posted by: BeanTheKing (Member) on 03-31-2008 at 10:47
Ahaha, good old DoWfiles ranting. Good times... Air Units? I blame Relic for letting Ironlore in. I blame Ironlore for messing DoW up. Air units should just be taken out. I also blame Relic for just leaving DoW to Ironlore. It's obvious they wanted to just work on their other projects. In the end, I blame Relic.

 #67 - Posted by: Kouen (Staff) on 03-31-2008 at 11:14
Iron Lore weren't responsible for air units. In fact, they weren't responsible for any primary development work on Soulstorm. I believe they were only brought in as subcontractors to assist in the development due to Relic having to designate resources elsewhere. Subcontractors, by definition, only do what they're told to do, hence if a subcontractor does something stupid, the problem is with whoever told them to do something stupid in the first place.

 #68 - Posted by: BeanTheKing (Member) on 03-31-2008 at 11:22
I still blame Relic for not putting more attention to DoW.

 #69 - duuhh - Posted by: Shorty_Mac (Member) on 03-31-2008 at 19:11
Think of how awesome it would be to have a set of tyranid gargoyles to the tyranid mod (For those of you who play the tabletop game you know what gargoyles are) lol

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