Weekly Poll Results - Will You Be Using The DOW 2 Modding and Mapping Tools?

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Will You Be Using The DOW 2 Modding and Mapping Tools?

I Don't Know How to use Them 51.9% (652)
Mapping and Modding Tools 20.8% (262)
Mapping Tools 12.6% (159)
Modding Tools 7.6% (96)
Neither 6.7% (85)
Total: 1254
Start: 09-13-2008 05:05
Last: 09-20-2008 10:21

 #1 - Posted by: Cpl_Death (Member) on 09-13-2008 at 08:06

We don't even know if there will be mapping or modding tools.

 #2 - *addition - Posted by: Cpl_Death (Member) on 09-13-2008 at 09:56

if im wrong someone correct me.

 #3 - Posted by: jamunition (Member) on 09-13-2008 at 11:05

how do you make mods? for dawn of war 1 preferably dark crusade

 #4 - Posted by: Crunchjaw (Member) on 09-13-2008 at 11:39

I don't know how to use that stuff if someone can help me hell that'll be great my E-Mail is Halospartan666@yahoo.com

 #5 - Posted by: Jaon (Member) on 09-13-2008 at 18:46

i am an very good mapper on company of heroes, and dawn of war, just havnt mastered the ai with dawn of war. for a couple of weeks iv been working on a map pack for dowfiles back to, seeing dow is COH engine2 it will be relatively the same map setout one thing thats got me really, really worried is if there is gonna be strategic points like in coh, that would ruin the tactics the whole point of the game is, be aggressive, yet cautious. i was thinking, if u luv ur men so much then just hunker down in some cover and hope not to get bombed, the enemy will be forced to enter your trap, unless your the attacking team with strategic points like CoH, once captured the enemy can blackmail you into attacking, lest you be stuffed coz they have the points

 #6 - Posted by: Cpl_Death (Member) on 09-15-2008 at 15:48

This poll is actually really bad.

 #7 - Posted by: kcaz (Member) on 09-15-2008 at 17:02

Yea, another horrbile poll. Why don't you staffers listen to us?

 #8 - Posted by: Zahaqiel (Staff) on 09-15-2008 at 22:11

http://forums.relicnews.com/showthread.php?t=203205&page=1&pp=15 The modding front for DoW2 is still up in the air it seems.

 #9 - Huh? - Posted by: Hrtbrk1 (Member) on 09-16-2008 at 01:18

DOW2 modding tools? The game isnt even released yet! How are we supposed to know how to operate the tools while the game itself is still in development?

 #10 - Polls - Posted by: dreadlord12 (Staff) on 09-16-2008 at 15:34

If you believe the polls are bad, then what would you suggest for next weeks poll?

 #11 - Posted by: Cpl_Death (Member) on 09-16-2008 at 18:25

#!0 Thanks for asking dreadlord :) how about? What is your favorite Chaos God or Legion?

 #12 - adding and fixing my post - Posted by: Cpl_Death (Member) on 09-16-2008 at 18:25

#10* Or what about who is your favorite ork god? -Gork -Mork -Neither

 #13 - I vote Neither - Posted by: Ramunathra (Member) on 09-17-2008 at 23:17

I vote Neither, since enjoying the game and letting all you brilliant modders and skinners make me new skins and maps to play with is so much more fun.

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