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Published by Komrad 16 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
THE Thousand Sons Mod Hello again this is Kindred ravens, Trevor McDonalds main rival. This is a report on Thousand Sons Mod for DOW. The full list of additions and subtractions as part of the Thousand Sons Mod is here http://joust3d.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=245 “What are Thousand Sons?” well the Thousand Sons, or TS as they shall be referred to, are Chaos Space Marines, with a twist, and that twist is that all except the leaders (Sergeants, Commanders etc) are a spirit trapped in their armour, here’s the story, the TS were always gifted with an unconventional number of Psykers (Marines with psychic Powers) and as such were often treated with suspicion by the other legions. As they learnt to control their powers more they began to dabble in Sorcery, which made the other legions uneasy, this resulted in a complete ban on Sorcery within the Imperium, and Magnus and his Thousand Sons were told they were to no longer practice Sorcery. The result of the Council of Nikaea served to mask other, darker betrayals, as Warmaster Horus fell to the machinations of Chaos. While meditating on Prospero, Magnus foresaw the events of the Horus Heresy, the betrayal of half the Space Marine Legions, and the sundering of the Imperium. Burdened with the information imparted by this precognitive vision, cast spells and used the power of his Legion's greatest sorcerers to convey the news of the impending civil war to the Emperor himself. This angered the Emperor greatly as to him it seemed Magnus, not Horus, was a traitor for going against him. The Emperor then dispatched Leman Russ and his Space Wolves to utterly destroy Magnus on his planet of Prospero. When defeat of the TS was imminent Magnus slunk away into the warp, there he met a presence, which promised to save Prospero and his TS, Magnus agreed, the next time he was seen was fighting alongside Horus above Istvaan. The events of the Heresy will not go into but getting back to why their just souls in armour. After the heresy was over and the TS with the other Traitor Legions retreated to the Eye of Terror their new patron the Chaos god Tzeentch began to bestow his “blessings” on them, this worried the veterans of the legion who began a spell to stop this mutation before it got out of control, the cabal of sorcerers led by the chief Librarian of the TS, Ahriman, was at once a success and a failure, the Rhubric of Ahriman as it is known did stop the mutation, as it left nothing to mutate, the bodies of the TS turned to dust in their armour, that is except for the sorcerers who now lead their brethren who are now little more than automata. Magnus was furious and cast Ahriman out, his whereabouts are currently unknown. And there you have it, Now for the mod, Well the mod itself isn’t released yet, and the team have just made arangements for a “merge” with the Adeptus Soritas mod, which is looking very promising, to find out more bishop went direct to Mit Gas, the leader of the TS mod team and asked him a few questions, here’s what was said: - Who is on the mod team and what do they do? The Core members are: -dot-tim- (Texture Artist) DarthVaygr (Coder, Sound) Deathbunny (Dual classed Animator/Sociopath) e-x (Animator) Hraefn (Coder) Mit Gas (Texture Artist, Sound) MrD (Modeller, Texture Artist) NRD80Y (Modeller) Sceptre (Mapper) That Darn Satan!(Animator) We've got a lot of other guys who helped us out once or twice but these above are the guys that form the basic team. People such as KMan, Michael McConnohie (Voice actor) and Dale North (Soundtrack) helped us all out as well as several others. Glad u have so many people supporting this mod, Where are you up to currently with the mod, like how much % is complete? Can’t say any number really We've got a lot done but still have a lot to do. However we've got more done than we have to do I hope. That sounds pretty fifty, fifty, How are the plans coming along with the AS mod team about that merger? Everything is fine; it's set into stone. The two MOD teams however work each on their MODs alone before balancing them against each other - chances are if each of the MODs is balanced against the 5 Relic races, they'll be balanced against each other as well. Have you got an approx release date? The Final Version: April 2006 The Demo: X-mas 2005 anything else you'd like to say? The Terminators will look good. Well I for one am looking forward to it, and Terminators for Chaos will just rock!! Anyways, that’s all for now. Bishop. Back to the studio with kindred ravens That sounded fantastic I hope to see terminators as well, the TS mod, AS mod alliance should be good and I hope other mod teams join in with them when that happens its going to be brilliant for everyone! Good night from kindred ravens and the whispers on the webway reports team. They have a poll on the TS Mod at the Whispers on the Webway Forum, cast your vote there http://whispers-on-the-webway.co.uk/Forum/viewtopic.php?t=36
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